YAK YOLA’s Real Name, Wiki, Age, Bio, Girlfriend, & Career

Yak Yola is an American rapper from West Philadelphia. Born as Mark Anthony Johnson, the 25-year-old is known for his hit track titled”Slide” featuring King Von. In just a short period, Yak Yola has secured millions of YouTube views and amassed thousands of monthly Spotify listeners, making a name for himself in the Philly drill scene.

His journey through life has been anything but easy, marked by adversity and tragedy that have fueled his artistic expression. Today we are gonna delve into his bio, family, children, net worth, and career.

What is Yak Yola’s Real Name?

Yak Yola’s real name is Mark Anthony Johnson.

How old is Rapper Yak Yola?

Rapper Yak Yola is 25 years old. He was born on November 30, 1998, in West Philly, Philadelphia.

Where is Yak Yola from?

Yak Yola hails from West Philly. He frequently represents and talks about his hometown in his songs.

Yak Yola’s Wiki Summary

NameYak Yola
Real NameMark Anthony Johnson
BirthplaceWest Philly, Philadelphia
Age 25
BirthdayNovember 30
Home TownWest Philly, Philadelphia
Zodiac SignLibra

Yak Yola’s Early Life & Education

Hailing from West Philly, Philadelphia, Yak Yola faced a challenging upbringing. His early years were spent alongside his siblings and mother until, at the tender age of 13, he made the courageous decision to move in with a friend. This friend’s mother became a pillar of support, embracing him as her own.

Navigating the streets taught him life’s harsh realities, and by an early age, he found himself entangled in legal troubles, accumulating charges related to drugs and weapons. His juvenile years led him to detention at Glenn Mill Schools for 24 months as a response to his juvenile delinquency

Talking about Yak Yola’s relationship with his dad, he didn’t meet his dad until 2015. In his childhood innocence, he thought his uncle was his dad.

However, as he matured, he found out his real dad was involved in some serious stuff and got sentenced to 24 years behind bars.

The first time Yak Yola got to see his dad face-to-face was in 2015. But sadly, the reunion didn’t last long because his dad ended up back in prison after a short time outside.

Yak Yola’s Relationship, Girlfriend & Kids

Yak Yola has had his share of relationships, but we could not find details about his past romances. However, he opened up about being in an on-and-off relationship with his current girlfriend since 2019. Expressing a newfound seriousness about life, he describes himself as a family-oriented individual now.

Yak Yola embraced fatherhood at a young age, with his eldest son now 24 old. In addition to his firstborn, he is a proud parent to a total of four children.

Murder of His Son

Even though he came up in the streets, Yak Yola holds the belief that street rules are foolish. While these rules have had a grip on his life, he’s actively working to distance himself from them, acknowledging the challenge of fully breaking free. His advice is to be cautious about the company you keep, emphasizing the impact of one’s social circle.

Yak Yola’s Music Career & Collaboration with King Von

Yak Yola embarked on his rap journey at a young age, delving into hip-hop classes during his school days, though he jokes about not picking up much. He began writing lyrics at 15, but it wasn’t until 2018, that he committed wholeheartedly to his musical path. Tragically, this was also the year he faced the loss of his son, Tahjir Smith.

In December 2019, Yak Yola made a significant mark in his career by dropping his debut track, “All In,” which garnered notable attention. Subsequent singles, including “Poppin off,” “Take off,” and “Trap Boy,” paved the way for the release of his inaugural mixtape, “Misunderstood“.

Later that year, after turning down offers from several record labels, Yak Yola made a significant move by signing with “Alamao Records,” marking a crucial milestone in his professional journey.

He’s teamed up with big names such as King Von and G Herbo. His track “Slide,” featuring King Von, dropped just a week before King Von’s tragic passing and quickly became his most streamed song, accumulating over 5 million plays on YouTube and Spotify to date.

He often collaborates with his friends including YBCdul, HopOutBlick, and Rich Nunu and release hit songs.

Yak Yola’s Net Worth

Yak Yola has built a successful career, with his music and savvy real estate investments serving as his main sources of income.

Following the success of his hit song “Slide,” Yak Yola gained significant demand as an artist. His record deal with Alamao Records also contributes significantly to his earnings, with estimates placing his net worth well above the million-dollar mark.

How much is Yak Yola Worth?

Yak Yola has built himself a lucrative music career. Yak Yola’s net worth is estimated to be comfortably above one million dollars.

Yak Yola’s Trivia

  1. Yak Yola’s real name is Mark Anthony Johnson.
  2. Yak Yola delved into the world of rap at a mere 15 years old.
  3. Yak Yola is a proud father of four children.
  4. Despite his association with the YBC gang, Yak Yola was jumped and robbed by YBC members.
  5. Yak Yola’s father, a former gangster, continues to serve his sentence.
  6. Philly Rapper Omilio Spark is Yak Yola’s Uncle. His mother and Omilio are siblings.
  7. Notably, Yak Yola bears a distinctive scar on his forehead, a visible reminder of an incident where he was accidentally run over by a police car while attempting to escape on a bike.

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