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EBK Young Joc’s Age, Real Name, Bio, Baby Mama, Net Worth, and Songs

EBK Young Joc is an American drill rap artist hailing from Stockton, California. The 24 year-old rapper whose real name is Jalique Moore, is famous for songs like Need Love, Jokes Up, Real Mafia, Wack Something, Stupid Kid, and more.

What is EBK Young Joc’s Real Name?

EBK Young Joc, also known by his real name Jalique Moore, is an American drill rap artist hailing from Stockton, California.

With tracks such as ‘Need Love,’ ‘Real Mafia,‘ and ‘Stupid Kid,’ he has captivated audiences worldwide, amassing millions of views on YouTube and thousands of listeners on Spotify.

How Old is EBK Young Joc?

The Stockton native rapper EBK Young Joc was born in May 1999, making him 24 years old at present.

Where is EBK Young Joc from?

While rumors persist suggesting that EBK Young Joc isn’t from Stockton, he indeed hails from the Nightingale neighborhood within the city and continues to reside there. However, his childhood was split between Oakland and Stockton.

EBK Young Joc’s Wiki Summary

NameEBK Young Joc
Real NameJalique Moore
BirthplaceStockton, California, USA
HometownStockton, California
Zodiac Sign
ResidenceNightingale, Stockton, California
Ethnicity Afro-American

Early Life & Education

EBK Young Joc was born in Southeast Stockton, California, where he spent his childhood with his mom, while his siblings lived in Oakland. Growing up, he moved between Oakland and Stockton. He still has family in Oakland but proudly represents Stockton as a rapper.

As a kid, Young Joc wasn’t into video games unlike his brothers; instead, he enjoyed skateboarding and being outdoors.

Education QualificationHigh School Dropout
Elementary School
Middle School
High School

EBK Young Joc’s Children, Baby Mama, & Family

EBK Young Joc comes from a large family, though the exact number of siblings is uncertain.

One of his brothers, also a rapper, inspired him to pursue music, but tragically, he was fatally shot in a friendly fire.

Additionally, another older brother, known as EBK Hari B, is also a rapper. Their family is spread between Oakland and Stockton.

Becoming a father at a young age changed Young Joc’s perspective, making him realize his responsibilities. He has a son and a daughter, with Keke (Her Instagram profile) believed to be the mother of his son. His daughter’s name is Alique.

SiblingsEBK Hari B
Baby MamaKeke

Who is EBK Young Joc’s Girlfriend?

EBK Young Joc, a rising artist from Stockton, California, has stirred rumors about his romantic life, though no concrete details have surfaced about his current relationship status or girlfriend.
However, it’s known that he was previously in a relationship with his baby mama, Keke.

What is EBK and What Does It Stand For?

EBK, short for Everybody Killa, is a prominent gang rooted in the Nightingale neighborhood of Southeast Stockton.

Founded by rapper EBK Osama, the group is notable for its presence both on the streets and in the music studio. Among its members are acclaimed rappers such as EBK Young Joc, EBK Jaaybo, Hari B, EBK Juvie, EBK Leebo, and others.

However, the group’s activities extend beyond music, with some members facing legal troubles related to charges like gun possession, arms trafficking marijuana, and attempted murder. Known for its street presence, EBK is deeply entrenched in the local gang scene and maintains a longstanding rivalry with groups like 44G and N.G.S.C.

EBK Young Joc’s Songs & Career

Inspiration to Pursue Music

EBK Young Joc found inspiration in his older brother, who has since passed away, to pursue a rap career. Initially too shy to step into the spotlight, Young Joc eventually found his voice in music following his brother’s untimely death.

Early Career & Song Releases with EBK Hotboiiz

As a member of the rap group EBK Hotboiiz, Young Joc contributed to several tracks before embarking on his solo career. His debut release with the group, “Bel Air,” featuring EBK Juvie, dropped in May 2018, followed by successful hits like the “Sweet Lady Remix” and “EBK Anthem.”

Transitioning to solo work, Young Joc released his first single, “Don’t Sippa,” and continued to collaborate with EBK Hotboiiz, both signed to Rap Shack initially before signing to Thrizzler on the Roof.

Hits & Success with Thrizzler

Signing with Thrizzler on the Roof marked a turning point in EBK Young Joc’s career, with several of his songs amassing millions of views.

Hits like “Need Love,” “Step the Hardest,” “Real Mafia,” “Wack Something,” “Jokes Up,” and “Stupid Kid” gained significant traction through Thrizzler.

YouTube Channel

In 2023, EBK Young Joc launched his official YouTube channel, where he shares his music directly with fans. Tracks like “I Hope You Know,” “Cotto,” and “Streets Don’t Love You” were released on his channel.

EBK Young Joc’s Net Worth

EBK Young Joc‘s primary income stream comes from his music and record label contracts. Additionally, he earns from album sales and receives royalties from streaming platforms.

Sources indicate that he rakes in six figures from his live performances and concerts, reflecting his successful music career. His estimated net worth stands at around USD 500,000.

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