Jme’s Wife, Children, Net Worth, Personal Life, and Musical Career

Who is Jme?

Jme, also known as Jamie Adenuga, is a London-born grime artist, rapper, producer, songwriter, DJ, and co-founder of the label and crew, Boy Better Know. 

How Old is Jme?

Born on May 4, 1985, Jme is currently 39 years old.

His birthplace is Hackney, London, but he was brought up in Tottenham, North London. His zodiac sign is Taurus.

Who are Jme’s Parents?

He was born to Ify Adenuga and Joseph Adenuga Sr. Both parents were originally from Nigeria and later migrated to Hackney, United Kingdom.

Who are Jme’s Siblings?

Jamie Adenuga has three siblings, elder brother Joseph Adenuga, younger brother Jason Adenuga, and sister Julie Adenuga.

His brother Joseph is also a grime artist, rapper, and songwriter alongside Jamie, whereas his sister Julie is a radio host, producer, and broadcaster. 


Jme enrolled at the University of Greenwich in London and graduated with a degree in 3D Digital Design. However, he completed his primary and high schooling at Winchmore School and St. Paul’s School.  

Who is Jme’s Wife?

The rapper tied the knot with Sarah Cavanagh on August 13, 2016. Their close friends and relatives hosted the ceremony privately in London. 

Sarah Adenuga’s Education

In 2004, Sarah Cavanagh Adenuga enrolled at the University of Teesside and acquired her Bachelors in Science. Her major was in Business and Managerial Economics. She graduated in 2007. 

Her Career

Soon after graduation, Sarah sought out internships and later started working professionally.

In April 2010, she joined Arcadia Group as a Merchandise Admin Assistant and later incorporated the Buyer’s Admin Assistant role.

After two years with Arcadia, Sarah joined River Island in May 2012 as a Buyer’s Clerk.

A year later, she was promoted to Senior Buyer’s Clerk. Due to her excellence in work, Sarah got a chance to work as a Senior Assistant Buyer. 

How old is Sarah Adenuga?

Sarah Cavanagh Adenuga is 38 years old. She was born on November 23, 1985.

Is Sarah Adenuga on Instagram?

Her Instagram handle is “@cavsarah”, where she has around 5 thousand followers with a post count of more than 460. She usually posts her portrait pictures, life updates, and daughter’s pictures on her Instagram. 

How much is Sarah Adenuga’s Net Worth?

The net worth of Sarah Adenuga is estimated at $5 million to $10 million, which her husband, Jamie Adenuga, mainly obtained. 

Jme and Sarah Adenuga Welcomed Another Baby

In September 2023, Sarah and Jme welcomed a baby girl named Remy. Sarah claimed that she trained for 8 of the 9 months in the gym while she was pregnant.

Sarah Adenuga and Jme’s Children

Jme, aka Jamie Adenuga and Sarah Adenuga, are blessed and have two beautiful daughters, Rose Adenugaa and recently-born Remy.

Rose was born in May 2018. She is currently 06 years old.

Jamie and Sarah share pictures with their baby daughters on their social media accounts. 

How Much is Jme’s Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of Jme, aka Jamie Adenuga, is around $5 million to $10 million.

He earned most of his earnings from the music industry as a rapper and producer.

After his songs entered the UK’s Album Chart, Jamie started to tour across Europe and North America.

Hence he has begun generating revenue from the tours, sponsorships, and collaboration with a few brands. 

Who is Jme’s Girlfriend?

Unlike most rappers, Jme’s love life was never controversial. He was in a relationship with Sarah Adenuga for seven years before they decided to turn their association into marriage in August 2016.

Hence there were no other reported girlfriends for the rapper from North London. 

Is Jme Engaged in Politics?

Jme is not fully engaged in politics, but he featured with leader Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party during the campaign for the UK General Election held in 2017. 

Career: Songs and Albums

Jamie’s career kickstarted during the mid-2000s as he started to produce mobile ringtones.

Over time, Jamie began to compose and sing regularly and started his journey in the music industry.  His first album, “Famous?” in 2008, followed by “Over Me” in 2009. 

Jamie Adenuga has released more than a hundred songs and 15 albums. Please refer to music streaming platforms to learn about Jamie’s songs and albums. 

Is He on Instagram?

Like most celebrities, Jme is also quite an active personality when it comes to Instagram and other social media. His Instagram handle is “@jmebbkinsta”, where he has around 24 thousand followers. 

Jme Record Label: Boy Better Know

Boy Better Know is a London-based record company founded by Jme and his brother Skepta, also known as Joseph Adenuga, in 2005.

Jme, Skepta, Jammer, Frisco, Shorty, Solo, and Willey are the contributing members of the label to date. They have worked on around 50 albums and singles. 

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