Rapper YBCDul’s Age, Real Name, Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, & Net Worth

YBCdul also known as Mr.disrespectful, is an emerging figure in the world of drill rap from the streets of West Philadelphia.

Born and brought up in the city of brotherly love, YBCdul has embarked on a musical journey garnering millions of views on YouTube and thousands of monthly listers on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music in a short period.

YBCdul has gained notoriety for incorporating disses, including references to deceased rivals, in his tracks.

What is YBCdul’s Real Name?

YBCdul is an up-and-coming name in the drill rap scene. Hailing from the city of Brotherly Love “Philadelphia” YBCdul’s real name is Abdul-Qadir Vicks.

How Old is YBCdul?

YBCdul is 24 years old. He was born on July 5, 1999, in West Philadelphia.

YBCdul’s Wiki Summary

NameYBC Dul/ Mr.Disrespectful
Real NameAbdul-Qadir Vicks
Birth YearJuly 5, 1999
Birth PlaceWest Philadelphia

Early Life, Education, & Family

Hailing from West Philly YBCdul initially experienced a relatively ordinary childhood. However, as he entered his teenage years, the allure of the streets began to captivate him, leading him to venture out with friends and immerse himself in the urban environment.

Street fights became a part of his narrative, and at the tender age of fourteen, he found himself behind bars for the first time, facing charges of aggravated assault.

His roots, however, are entrenched in a turbulent past marked by juvenile crime charges. Despite the challenges that resulted in his placement in a residential facility during his high school years, he exhibited remarkable resilience and determination, ultimately graduating from St. Louis Gate Hall.

During a podcast interview, he disclosed that his mother isn’t particularly supportive of his music. However, he clarified that he doesn’t create music with his mom in mind. Instead, he views music as his only way out from the place he comes from and his pathway to financial success

First Job and Setbacks

During his high school days, YBCdul was employed at the Eagles Stadium, the renowned Lincoln Financial Field. However, his consistent involvement in street troubles led to frequent bookings, causing him to miss shifts at work.

Subsequently, he was fired after only 4-5 months. Despite this, he expressed fondness for the job, citing the perk of being able to watch Eagles games for free as one of the highlights.

Music Career, Popular Songs & Collaborations

YBCdul, also known as Mr. Disrespectful, has swiftly made a mark in the drill scene. His early exposure to hip-hop laid the foundation for his passion, eventually leading him to start rapping. It wasn’t until October 2021 that he officially entered the music scene with the release of his first track.

Subsequently, he went on to drop a series of chart-toppers, including tracks like “Talk Shit,” “No Get Backkk,” “Diss the Dead,” and “So Many Names.” These releases played a pivotal role in propelling him into the spotlight.

YBCdul is recognized for his frequent collaborations with fellow artists such as HopOutBlick, MerePablo, Jae100, and more. His inaugural track, “Best Pack,” also featured Eem Stacks and Jae100.

Moreover, YBCDul has expanded his collaborations beyond Philly. Recently, he teamed up with Brooklyn-based artist RichNunu and BBG Steppaa from Newark.

YBCDul’s Net Worth

YBCDul primarily generates income through his music. Despite being approached by various record labels following the success of several hits, he opted to remain independent for the time being.

Currently, his major revenue streams come from musical tours and live shows. Sources have estimated his net worth falls within the range of 100k to 250k.

YBCdul’s Gang Affiliation and Rivalry

YBCdul stands out as a prominent figure within the ranks of YBC (YoungBag Chasers), a notorious gang with its roots in West Philadelphia originally founded by rapper JAE100.

The gang’s origins trace back to a tight-knit group of school friends from the same neighborhood, evolving to become deeply involved in the streets of West Philadelphia.

Despite the presence of other talented artists within YBC, including Mere PABLO, Fsdabender, and F5, it is Mr. Disrespectful (YBCdul), who has become the face of the gang.

During a live Instagram session, Mr. Disrespectful asserted that YBC holds sway over their neighborhood. When confronted with the claim that their rivals control six different hoods, he surprisingly disclosed that they had taken down nine opponents in contrast to the three losses on their side.

The rivalry between YBC and their adversaries has escalated beyond mere lyrical sparring, with confrontations often turning violent, resulting in shootings and fatalities. This ongoing feud has taken a toll on YBCdul’s close associates, with friends like Jae100, Rilla (Joe), BK, Dah Fetti, and Ybckir falling victim to this cycle of violence.

Furthermore, YBCdul’s other associates, including Curry, YBC Waters, Emm Stacks, Reek, Baby Wick, F5, Curry, Baby1k, HopOutblick, and Zombie, find themselves facing charges related to homicides and weapon possession. Their futures hang in the balance as they await trial.

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