Big Homiie G's Real Name, Wiki, Age, Bio, net worth, moneybagg yo's cousin, Girlfriend, family & Career

Big Homiie G’s Age, Real Name, Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, & Career

Big Homiie G whose real name is “Deandre Speaks” is a successful full-time rapper from Memphis, known for his popular songs like “Tick,” “Who Got It,” and “Getting Off.” With over 150 million views on YouTube and a monthly audience of 300 thousand on Spotify, he’s made himself a name in the hip-hop scene.

Born and Raised in Whitehaven, Memphis, the Tennessean rapper has had his share of ups and downs. In this article, we’ll cover his early life, education, net worth, family, and career, giving you a glimpse into the journey of the Big Homiie G.

We uncovered Big Homiie G‘s real name by examining the songwriter credits for all his songs, which revealed that Deandre Speaks writes all of his lyrics. Additionally, he faced legal issues for assaulting his ex-girlfriend for posting about him on Facebook, leading to his arrest. In the police records related to this incident, his name is explicitly stated as Deandre Speaks.

How old is Big Homiie G?

Big Homiie G was born on October 15, 1987, in Whitehaven, Memphis. Currently, he’s 36 years old.

Where’s Big Homiie G from?

Big Homiie G is a native of Memphis, Tennessee. He was born and brought up in the Whitehaven neighborhood of South Memphis.

Big Homiie G’s Wiki Summary

NameBig Homiie G
BirthplaceWhitehaven, Memphis
BirthdayOctober 15
Home TownWhitehaven, Memphis, Tennessee
Zodiac SignLibra

Big Homiie G’s Childhood & Early Life

Growing up in Memphis, Big Homiie had a typical childhood surrounded by his three sisters. Being the only son, he received extra attention and care.

Acknowledging his mischievous nature, he recalls being a bit of a troublemaker. His mother, concerned about his future, consistently emphasized the importance of staying disciplined and finding his pivotal role as the only male figure in the family.

Big Homiie’s Education Qualification

Big Homiie G’s educational journey began at Winchester Elementary School, followed by Havenview Middle School. Upon completing middle school, he was enrolled at Melrose High School.

However, his time at Melrose was short-lived as conflicts with students from the school’s location on the other side of town led to his expulsion. One particular altercation resulted in him beating a peer and tossing him out of a school window. This incident led to his placement in juvenile detention. Upon his return, he was expelled from the school.

Following the incident, Big Homiie G transferred to Whitehaven High School, where his struggles continued with frequent fights leading to yet another suspension. Eventually, he had to defer and ultimately dropped out during the 12th grade, as his mother was incarcerated.

Education QualificationGeneral Educational Development (GED)
Elementary SchoolWinchester Elementary School
Middle SchoolHavenview Middle School
High SchoolMelrose High School
Whitehaven High School
College/ UniversitySouthwest TN Community College,

After a two-year hiatus from school, Big Homiie G took the GED (General Educational Development) test and passed on his second attempt.

Despite considering the idea of pursuing further education at Southwest TN Community College, he did not complete his tertiary education due to the financial burden associated with tuition fees.

Big Homiie G’s Relationships, Girlfriend, and Children

Big Homiie G crossed paths with his girlfriend during their high school days, both attending the same high school.

Recollecting a special memory, he attended her prom, an experience he found enjoyable since he had missed out on such opportunities after dropping out of school.

Presently, they remain a committed couple, raising a son and a daughter together.

His Family, Mother, and Sisters

Big Homiie G is the second among his three sisters. With his parents having already separated, he took the responsibility of being the primary provider for the family.

When his mother faced a one-year incarceration for assaulting a duty officer, Big Homiie G made the sacrifice of leaving high school during the 12th grade.

Taking on various odd jobs, he ensured the bills were covered and cared for his three sisters during his mother’s absence.

Music Career

Growing up, Big Homiie G’s uncle Sean played a pivotal role in igniting his passion for music and exposed him to Memphis’s underground rap scene through the radio.

Sean even paid him to freestyle in front of friends, nurturing his early love for music.

While Big Homiie G started rapping at a young age, it was at 16 that he invested in studio time to record his first song.

Alongside his music endeavors, he was also engaged in Jookin (Gangsta Walking) and participated in televised shows.

Being a member of a rap crew, that included Moneybagg Yo and Blac Youngsta mentored by Yo Gotti, marked a significant chapter in his journey. Witnessing Yo Gotti’s success in the hip-hop scene fueled Big Homiie G’s aspirations. Remarkably, he toured with Yo Gotti at just 16.

Yet, it was his cousin, Moneybagg Yo, who truly opened his eyes to the potential for a thriving hip-hop career. Observing Moneybagg’s financial success became a driving force, motivating Big Homiie G to pursue his path in the hip-hop industry.

First Song & Collaboration with Moneybagg Yo

Big Homiie G kicked off his music journey with a meaningful track, “This is for you,” dedicated to a friend facing jail time. The real breakthrough came with the success of “Tick,” paving the way for hits like “Who Got It,” “Getting Off,” “40 BARS,” and “WTF is Dodge’s.”

After dropping a few tracks, Big Homiie G secured a deal with Nless Entertainment, the label his cousin Moneybagg was part of. Notably, Nless Entertainment was founded by former NBA star Zach Randolph.

His frequent collaboration with his cousin Moneybagg Yo resulted in hits like “No Spine,” “Gave It,” and “Kut Like That.” Expanding his collaborations, Big Homiie G teamed up with finesse2tymes, YTB Fatt, EST Gee, and others.

Big Homiie G’s tracks

Song TitleAlbum/ReleaseYear
Kill DayKill Day2020
Big Homie Shiesty FlowBig Homiie Status 22020
40 Bars40 Bars2021
17 Shots17 Shots2021
Good YearGood Year2021
WTF Is DodgesSpeak Up G2022
FantasySpeak Up G2022
Last MoveSpeak Up G2022
Let’s TalkSpeak Up G2022
C4Speak Up G2022
No AssistSpeak Up G2022
Don’t Wanna Be FamousSpeak Up G2022
Whole TimeSpeak Up G2022
Speak Up GSpeak Up G2022
Diamonds and Money feat. BIG30Speak Up G2022
WeakSpeak Up G2022
Off Da TopSpeak Up G2022
5 AMSpeak Up G2022
No AdlibsNo Adlibs2023
UsWho Is Fatt2023
No HookNo Hook2023
We Did ItWe Did It2023
Speak Up G · 2022Speak Up G2022
No SpineBig Homiie Status 22020
After Tick FlowAfter Tick Flow2021
Let it BurnSpeak Up G2022
Condo VibesSpeak Up G2022
Speak Up G · 2022Speak Up G2022
Don’t Talk To MeBig Homiie Status 22020

Big Homiie G’s Net Worth

Big Homiie G is a successful recording artist, earning well from tours, shows, and a lucrative deal with Nless Entertainment. Beyond music, he’s also invested in several businesses, diversifying his income streams. Big Homiie G, along with his cousin Moneybagg Yo, owns Breadgang Entertainment, a record label home to artists like Bezzal Boy Blacc, Dee Mula, Nick Harbody, Big30, and more.

Apart from his business, he has heavily invested in jewelry. He rocks eight pairs of permanent diamond teeth, costing him 20 grand at Johnny Dang’s shop. His jewelry collection includes chains, lockets, bracelets, and rings, each worth thousands of dollars.

How much is Big Homiie G worth?

Big Homiie G has built a successful career not just in music but also through strategic business investments. Sources indicate that he boasts a net worth ranging between 2 to 3 million US Dollars.


  • Big Homiie G is a Cousin of Memphis rapper Moneybagg Yo.
  • He had a rap crew with Moneybagg Yo &  Blac Youngsta.
  • He was previously known as Young Gutter.
  • In an interview, he revealed his desire to work with Bryson Tiller and Burna Boy.
  • Casino Jizzle (Robert Tunstall) is a cousin of Big Homiie G.
  • Big Homiie G was arrested for assaulting his Ex-girlfriend over a Facebook post.
  • Big Homiie G had a beef with his cousin Casino Jizzle until his death. Jizzle was shot outside Chuck E. Cheese Goldbrier Lane, Memphis. He was with his girlfriend and her kids.

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