Rapper Pronto Spazzout’s Biography, Age, Real Name, Net Worth, & Girlfriend

Introducing the rising star of the rap scene, Pronto Spazzout, a dynamic artist hailing from the West Side of Chicago. With a captivating spitfire flow and an authentic approach to his music, Pronto Spazzout has made a name for himself in the competitive world of hip-hop.

He has given hits like “Jiggy Music” and “Donk”.

Let’s delve deep into his early life, family, net worth, relationships, and more.

Where Did He Get His Rap Name “Pronto Spazzout”?

Pronto Spazzout’s unique rap name is not just a random assortment of words; it carries a meaningful backstory. 

Pronto Spazzout’s choice of the name “Pronto” was influenced by his favorite song “Pronto” by Soulja Boy. 

His rap name is a tribute to a close friend named Jonathan, whose rap name was SLG Spazz. 

Tragically, SLG Spazz was killed in a shootout in 2020, leaving a lasting impact on Pronto. In honor of his friend and as a way to pay homage to his memory, Pronto decided to incorporate “Spazz” into his own stage name.

The fusion of “Pronto” and “Spazz” not only pays homage to his late friend but also reflects his dynamic and energetic style as an artist. 

His name, “Pronto Spazzout,” alludes to someone who passionately and energetically “spazzes out” on the microphone, a fitting description of his fiery and authentic rap performances.

More on His Lost Friend SLG Spazz


His friends SLG Spazzout and LUD Thumpa were killed in July 2020. 

Pronto was so close to SLG Spazzout. His friend Spazzout had helped him a lot when Pronto’s father was in prison. 

SLG Spazz has created several songs including SLG Spazz x BBC Lil I x Brascii3x: Dap Me Up (2020), Brascii3x x SLG Spazz: Spin Again (2020), and Lud Thumpa feat. SLG Spazz: John Wicks (2020)

Early Life and Growing Up in Chicago

Pronto Spazzout, the rising star from Chicago, hails from the West Side of Chicago, specifically the Out West area. 

He grew up in an environment where he enjoyed fun activities and parties, but the journey was not without its challenges. 

He was born and raised in Bloomingdale, Chicago. His dad went to prison when Pronto was just four years old.

When he was around 13 years old, his daddy got out of prison and they moved to Madison Central.

He has been living there since.

Where Does Pronto Live?

He lives in Capitol Hill, Madison Central.

When Is His Birthday?

His birthday is on May 18.

How Old is Pronto Spazzout?

Pronto Spazzout is currently 28 years old.

What is Rapper Pronto Spazzout’s Real Name?

Rapper Pronto Spazzout’s real name is unknown.

Family, Brother, and Parents

Pronto’s father played a significant role in his life as his biggest influence. His father’s life took a turn when he went to jail when Pronto was just four years old. However, he returned home when Pronto was around 13, and this experience had a profound impact on the young rapper.

“I didn’t really get a chance to look up to too many people, I really only knew my pops. The first time he ever came home from jail, he wanted to be a rapper, so I gravitated with that. It just so happens, I got real raw with the s###.”

In Pronto’s own words,

Pronto Spazzout came from a family with a brother and a big sister. He lost his younger brother in a street shootout. His younger brother was just starting out his rap career at that time.

Another rising rapper “Mikey Dollaz” is his cousin.

Additionally, Pronto’s family story is marked by challenges, including his father’s time spent in prison. 

Despite these difficulties, Pronto Spazzout’s resilience and his father’s influence led him down the path of rap, where he emerged as a rising talent from Chicago’s vibrant music scene.

His Biggest Influence

His father is his greatest influence and he says his father is the reason he raps.

Where is his Father Now?

His father is back in prison now. His dad usually calls him once a month.

Recording Songs from His Sister’s Camera

Growing up, Pronto Spazzout didn’t have the luxury of a professional studio. His journey into music began with improvisation. He recorded his first song using his sister’s hip camera, the kind people used to carry around to malls. 

His sister, named Kayla, played a role in his early video-making endeavors, as he shot his first video with her camera, and then edited it using Windows Live Movie Maker. The support and inspiration he found within his family helped shape his journey in the music industry.

What Sparked His Interest in Rapping?

His dad always wanted to be a rapper. So, this sparked his interest in rapping. 

Pronto used to write poetry from a young age. As he grew up, he started giving beats to his writings and they sounded good. And eventually, he started to grind and write songs.

“Jiggy Music” Was the Turning Point

When he dropped his song “Jiggy Music” in 2019, the song became an instant hit. That is when he realized that he could do something big with his music.

The funny part is that “Jiggy Music” became quite popular as a twerk song, while in reality he never intended to make it as such.

Relationships, Baby Mamas, and Female Fans

Pronto Spazzout, the Chicago rapper, provided insights into his personal life during an interview. He mentioned his preference for a low-key relationship despite receiving considerable attention from admirers. 

Although he described himself as “single as a dollar,” he highlighted a deep connection with a special someone that he had years ago.

He also claims that he will probably stay faithful once he gets into a relationship.

During the interview, Pronto shared a humorous anecdote about a memorable encounter with a fan at a club, where he got his face licked.

He acknowledged that the female attention could be overwhelming, but he remained grounded and maintained a level of respect for the ladies who admired him.

Pronto also revealed that he has two kids, a boy and a girl, from different baby mamas. He is not together with both baby mamas.

He emphasized the importance of maintaining amicable relationships with his children’s mothers to avoid unnecessary drama, prioritizing the well-being of their kids above all else.

Net Worth and Earnings

Rapper Pronto Spazzout has a huge net worth of around 300,000 USD. He has his own record label (Spazzout Ent), and clothing brand, and his musical career is also going great.

He earned approximately $20,000 in 2021-22 and has never looked back since.


He has given us hits like Jiggy Music, Donk, Let Me Get Em, Gang It Up, For Me, and more. His YouTube channel has over 5.67 million views; “Jiggy Music” has alone amassed over 1.8 million views.

Shows and Performances

He did his first high school performance at Simeon High School, in Chicago. 

He also did a Halloween performance at Eleven 19 on October 27, 2023, and did another Halloween performance at The Chill Spot in Bellwood, IL a day later.


Spazzin’ Out, Pt. 1 (2019)

Why They Call Me Spazz (2021)


He has several hit songs including “He Got a 50” ( Soulja Boy Donk remix ) which has amassed over 2.7 million views.

Song TitleYear
Jiggy Music2019
Lit Up2019
Boyz N The Hood2021
I Can’t Hear You2023
For Me2020
Get Em Gone2020
Back N Blood2021
Captain America2020
Point Me To The Sl#ts2023
Put It On The Flo Freestyle2023
Pound Town2023
Hit The Road2023
Gang It Up2019
For My Nig#az2019
Go Crazy2019
Jet Li2021
I Might Need Security2019
Lunch Time2021
Living In Hell2021
Blessings Intro2019
Spazzout Shit2021
Like Me2021
Champion Intro2021
San Andreas2021

Has Pronto Signed any Record Label Deal or Is he an Independent Artist?

He has not signed any record label deals and is currently an independent artist.

He has emphasized the significance of patience in his journey and expressed gratitude for not rushing into any premature commitments.

Pronto’s approach involves building a solid foundation with a distribution deal and possibly considering major label involvement once he has a substantial platform.

He underscored the importance of legal representation and financial support for independent artists.

His Close Peeps

His close rappers are SBG Kemo, Ke Millie, JR007, DCG Brothers, Heavy Steppers, and Mikey Dollaz.

Death of His Cousin

His cousin tragically lost his life in a broad daylight shooting at a corner store on Madison Street, Chicago.

He was Jailed in Cook County Jail

Pronto Spazzout was arrested and kept in Cook County Jail and he was released in February 2022.

He has a Viral Video on the Adult Site P##nhub


His Haircut and Barber

He always has short and well-trimmed hair. 

His barber’s name is Michael Woods who is famous as “Black Mike Da Barber”. He has so many celebrity clients including several rappers. 


He has several tattoos. He has a beautiful tattoo of two small heartbreak emojis on the side of his forehead (temple area). 

He has a skull tattoo with wings on the front part of the neck area. He also has a mic tattoo on his right hand.

What are Those Black Spots on His Face?

He has not revealed what has caused this.

How To Contact Him?

Contact info +1 312-953-6522

Email: bookingspazzout@gmail.com

More Information

  • He didn’t play any sports when he was a kid.
  • He was quite interested in cameras. So, he claims that he would probably be a cameraman if he was not a rapper.
  • He wished to work with Polo G someday.
  • He worked at McDonald’s before he went all in for the music.
  • He has his own clothing brand.
  • He is probably the youngest in his group.

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