No Limit G Money | Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Bio, & Career

George Dickinson, who goes by the name G Money, is a singer/ rapper and entrepreneur who has been changing the game in the music industry along with his younger brother Lil Bibby. G Money and his brother founded Grade A Production, a record label that helps aspiring artists carve a career in the music industry.

G Money initially entered the music industry as a rapper and singer, but in 2017 when Lil Bibby approached him to start a record label, he agreed to it. Since then, he has signed many great talents, such as the late rapper Juice Wrld and has kissed success multiple times. G Money has not done much rapping or singing lately as he is busy with his record label.

Biography & Wiki (No Limit G Money)

Popular NameNo limit G Money
Real NameGeorge Dickinson
Date of birthAugust 11
AgeNot disclosed
Place of birthChicago, Illinois, USA
HometownChicago, Illinois, USA
Current ResidenceChicago, Illinois, USA
FatherNot disclosed
MotherNot disclosed
BrothersBrandon George Dickinson and
Shawn Dickinson
SonGeorge Jr. Dickinson
DaughterMilan Dickinson
OccupationRapper, Singer, and Entrepreneur
Net worthNot disclosed
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Instagram idnolimit_gmoney

No Limit G Money’s Net Worth

Despite being less active as a musical artist, G Money has earned an extraordinary fortune through his record label.

He owns luxurious houses and cars and lives a luxurious life which hints at his more than enough net worth.

G Money’s Personal Life and Family

G Money was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.

He has yet to disclose details about his parents despite sharing their pictures on his social media on occasions, like when his dad died in 2016.

However, he has shared his relationship with the retired rapper-singer Lil Bibby.

G Money is the elder brother of Lil Bibby, whose real name is Brandon.

Lil Bibby had a great career as a rapper-turned-singer-turned-songwriter, but he retired in 2017 because of the financial instability as a rapper.

He then approached G Money to start their record label as this side of the music industry had more money.

The two brothers founded Grade A Production, and Lil Bibby became an executive.

Besides Lil Bibby, he also has another brother named Shawn.

G Money grew up with his brothers in one of the notorious neighborhoods of Chicago.

They had a difficult childhood because their father was in prison for murder, and their mother was a drug addict.

Due to the lack of their father to guide them and their mother to nurture them, they sold drugs on the street to make a living.

Like his brother, G Money sold drugs when he was thirteen.

Being the eldest of three siblings and growing up in rough surroundings, he was humble and had a sense of responsibility.

He also always looked after his brothers and had a great relationship with them.

G Money rose from a difficult life and has built a lavish life for himself and his family, but still, he has links with the streets.

He belongs to one of the dangerous fans of Chicago, the No Limit, which often gets on the news.

Many of the members of his gang got murdered over the years.

Even his younger brother, Lil Bibby, got shot multiple times before he was eighteen.

However, G Money still takes pride in his gang and uses No Limit on his name.

He still has not cut his ties with the street and treats his gang members as brothers. 

G Money’s Partner and Son

G Money has not shared any details about his dating life.

He has yet to disclose the identities of the people he dated in the past, including his baby mamas.

The record label founder has a son born in 2013 named George Jr.

He loves his son to death and often posts pictures of spending time with him.

Besides a son, G Money also has a daughter named Milan.


G Money has not shared details about him going to school or graduating high school.

So, his fans are still speculating if he has even completed high school.


G Money had a difficult childhood which made him humble and responsible at a young age.

He sold drugs to make a living, but his passion for music changed his direction.

He took help from a few self-help books and steeped in the music industry.

By the age of fifteen, he was making songs and taps.

He even released a few and gained local popularity.

His album New Narcotics even made him one of the aspiring artists.

However, he agreed to change his career when his brother talked to him about starting their record label, as it had more money than they could make through rapping.

G Money used his ability to recognize talent to recruit aspiring artists with great potential.

His first-ever artist was the late Juice Wrld, whom he took to meet his brother Lil Bibby.

When Lil Bibby listened to Lucid Dream, he agreed that Juice Wrld, who died because of accidental drug toxicity, was a gem, and they signed him.

Juice Wrld became one of the prominent rappers with millions of views on their songs.

It brought money and success for G Money and motivated him to recruit more artists.

He then recruited other artists, such as The Kid Laroi.

G Money and Grade A Production are doing great, which has helped him establish his roots in the industry.

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