Heavy Steppers Rapper SBG Kemo Bio, Age, Real Name, Net Worth, & Career

SBG Kemo, whose real name is Hakeem Campbell, is a rising star in the hip-hop scene, making waves with his distinctive “Jiggy Music” style and impactful lyrics full of humor.

Born and raised on the Westside of Chicago, Kemo’s journey from the streets of the Windy City to becoming a viral sensation is nothing short of extraordinary.

His story, including overcoming legal issues and the loss of a close friend to gang violence, adds depth to his narrative.

His Name “SBG Kemo” Meaning

Hakeem Campbell’s rap name SBG Kemo, carries a significant meaning. SBG stands for “Saved by God,” reflecting the artist’s gratitude for overcoming challenges in his upbringing. He used Kemo from his name Hakeem.

Growing up on the West Side, Kemo faced the harsh realities of life, engaging in activities like gangbanging and hustling. However, his life took a turn when he discovered his passion for music.

How old is the Rapper SBG Kemo?

SBG Kemo is 25 years old. He was born on June 14, 1998 in Chicago, IL.

What is His Real Name?

His Real Name is Hakeem S Campbell.

Formation of Heavy Steppers

His partner Ke Millie is also from the west side of Chicago. The duo met through their mutual friends and instantly created a bond.

Kemo’s musical journey reached new heights when he joined forces with Ke Millie, forming the dynamic hip-hop duo known as Heavy Steppers.

SBG Kemo focuses more on raw storytelling while Ke Millie’s lyrical delivery is marvellous. Their chemistry is undeniable.

Their breakout single, “Heavy Steppers,” released in 2019, catapulted them into the spotlight, with the accompanying dance challenge  #HEAVYSTEPPERSCHALLENGE going viral on social media.

They then named themselves “Heavy Steppers”.

Rise to Fame with “Heavy Steppers” Song and Signing Record Deal

“Heavy Steppers” gained immense traction, catching the attention of hip-hop heavyweights like Chance The Rapper and Polo G.

Chance The Rapper posted his #HEAVYSTEPPERSCHALLENGE dance on Instagram while Polo G gave a shoutout to his group Heavy Steppers on Instagram.

The duo’s popularity soared with over 300,000 TikTok tagged videos and over 19 million views on their Heavy Steppers “Heavy Steppers” (Official Music Video) and over 5.8 million views on Heavy Steppers – Heavy Steppers | Shot by @cheechbeats on YouTube.

The song now has over 7.5 million streams on Spotify.

They also got a chance to give the Genius Verified Interview.

This success led to a record deal with Chicago-based label At The Studio (ATS) / HITCO, resulting in the release of their debut EP, “Hood Trophies,” in December 2020.

Challenges with Record Label and Independence

Despite their initial success, Heavy Steppers faced challenges with their record label (ATS) / HITCO, leading to a departure and a shift towards independence.

Kemo and Millie, both natural-born hustlers, decided to focus on solo projects while maintaining their undeniable support for each other’s endeavors.


Kemo went to Steinmetz College Prep High School, in Chicago.

When Kemo was in high school, he got into a fight and got arrested for attempted murder. He was in jail when he graduated from high school and he was released afterwards as he was found not guilty.

He then studied Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. He was in the class of 2022 and took online classes.

He has showcased his determination to balance education and passion.

He Played Football in High School

He used to play in the Running Back position in American Football when he was in high school.

Songs and Albums

He released the album “Kemo Tubman” in 2020 which has 13 songs.

Songs in “Kemo Tubman” Duration
Swerve On1:55
They Can’t Take Me3:49
Me No Say1:54
I Come Different2:58
What’s a Opp?2:19
Do You?2:51
Can’t Fake It3:43
Up and Coming2:27
Blast Away4:00

He then collaborated with rapper HappyBirthdayCalvin in 2023 to release an album named “Luv 2 Party EP”.

Songs in “Luv 2 Party EP” Duration
Made Men3:30
Life of the Party2:14
From the 32:44
Feet Hurt2:42

Besides, some of his other popular songs are Too Much, Better, No Hook, Switch, Superman, Ratchet Hoes, Max Payne, Ya Know, VVS, Scared, and Bentley For My Mama.

He is quite close with another rising rapper Pronto Spazzout. His song Lit Up – SBG Kemo Feat. Pronto Spazzout has over 1.2 million views on YouTube.

Duo Heavy Steppers’ Songs

SBG Kemo and Ke Millie released their album Hood Trophies in 2020. The duo has released several songs.

Songs AlbumYear
Rap RefereeRap Referee2020
Me and MillieMe and Millie2020
Okay (DCG Shun x DCG Bsavv x Heavy Steppers)2020

His Influencers

He was influenced by rappers including G Herbo, Chief Keef, and Lil Durk.

His Rap Style

He puts quirky beats that immediately attract the attention of people. His jiggy music style makes the crowd move instantly.

He and his partner make hard hitting beats and their bars are packed with punchlines and humor.

Their lyrical content has slapping bass in the background.

Impact on the Rap Scene

Heavy Steppers’ impact extends beyond their music, influencing Chicago’s rap scene positively. Their energetic performances at renowned events and places like Rolling Loud, All-Star Weekend Chicago, Morgan Park, and Lollapalooza solidify their status as rap game contenders.

Net Worth and Achievements

Rapper SBG Kemo has an estimated net worth of $500K. His success on digital platforms, sold-out shows, and a dedicated fan base indicate a lucrative career in the making.

SBG Kemo regularly gets booked for club events and concerts.

Details on His Dimond Rolex Watch

He spent $35K on a diamond Rolex watch. However, there is more to it than just the high price. It is the same watch that legendary rappers, including Pluto Future, Young Scooter, and DY, have worn.

He even claims that he will never give it to anybody or sell it.

Family and Parents

Although his parents’ names are not revealed to the public, here is a photo of him with his mom and another photo of him with his family on his graduation day.

His aunts are Campbell and Clarice Campbell Stricker. Two of his cousins are Matt and Renisha Campbell.


  • His group’s mini-tour was canceled during COVID.
  • He has a few of his close brothers (friends) in gang violence in Chicago.
  • He loves playing and watching basketball.

Find Him Here

How To Contact Him

We can contact him through his business email: Heavysteppersbooking@gmail.com.

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