Rapper Fat Money | Net Worth, Bio, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, & Family

Fat Money, who has decided to keep his real name anonymous, is a talented rapper from the streets of Harvey, Illinois. He grew up in a violent neighborhood in Chicago and had a rough childhood before changing his life for good.

Fat Money used to go by Ty Money but later changed it to Fat Money after signing a deal with the SALXCO record label. He has been making music since 2010 and has given hits like Introskii, Dracula, etc.

Fat Money has made his name in the industry with his hard work and even has record labels.

Bio Table (Age, Real Name, Hometown, Height, & Wiki)

Popular NameFat Money,
TY Money,
King of Sibley.
The King of 147
Real NameTiwan Raybon
Date of birthMarch 3, 1988
Age36 years old
Place of birthHarvey, Illinois, Chicago, USA
HometownHarvey, Illinois, Chicago, USA
Current ResidenceHarvey, Illinois, Chicago, USA and
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
FatherNot disclosed
MotherNot disclosed
BrothersTwo (Not disclosed)
SisterOne (Not disclosed)
OccupationRapper, Singer, Songwriter, and
Net worthNot disclosed
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Instagram idfatmoney
FacebookFat Money

How Old is Rapper Fat Money?

Fat Money is 26 years old. He was born on March 03, 1998.

What is Fat Money’s Real Name?

Fat Money’s (Formerly Known as TY Money) real name is Tiwan Raybon. He was born in Harvey, Illinois, Chicago, USA.

Fat Money’s Net Worth

Rapper Fat Money has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand USD.

He started making music a decade ago.

Since his single Yes Or No made it to local radios, he has put extra effort into his career.

And his efforts have paid off, as he is now a successful artist.

Fat Money’s Personal Life And Family

Fat Money was born and raised in one of the notorious neighborhoods of Harvey, Illinois.

He grew up with two brothers and one sister under the care of his mother.

Growing up, his parents had already separated, so he used to bounce between their houses.

He used to spend time in his mother’s house when he was mad with his father and in his father’s house when he was mad with his mother.

Fat Money grew up in a house full of kids.

Besides his siblings, there was also his cousin, whom his mother had adopted.

Her mother had also adopted her late best friend’s kids and raised them as her own.

Despite having both parents, Fat Money had a tough childhood.

Both his parents used to be out working all day long, leaving him to tend to himself.

He had no one to guide him, so he turned to his violent and poor neighborhood.

He used to stole and rebuild bikes for a living and was into drugs from an early age. All these led him to prison multiple times.

However, during his prison time in 2018, he realized he was spending a lot on drugs and even got into prison.

One of his friends also kept motivating him to leave Chicago and build a better life.

He then decided to quit drugs and change his life for the better.

When he served his time and returned home, he started working on his resolution and changed his life.

He often flies to Illinois from Atlanta to meet his family but has not returned to the streets.

He has left the dangerous work and has moved his focus on strengthening his musical career.

Fat Money’s Girlfriends and Relationship

The Grammy Award nominee has yet to disclose information about his love life.

There is no information on the internet regarding the people he dated in the past or the people he is dating now.

We do know that he has a daughter of about 6-7 years old.


There are also no records regarding the academic qualification of the rapper and record label owner.

So, no one knows if he is a high school graduate or a dropout.


Fat Money started his musical career because of his cousin, who was into rapping and had his studio.

He used to visit the studio often and spend all day there playing here and there with the instruments and watching other artists.

Gradually he became inclined to music and started making his music at the age of sixteen or seventeen.

While making music, he used to take his inspiration from veteran artists such as Jay-Z, 50 Cent, etc.

He then released several songs under the stage name Ty Money, given by his cousin.

Later, he changed it to Fat Money as one of his homies, who had already died, used to call him that.

He wanted to change his stage name after signing a deal with SALXCO management, as its rookie had a similar stage name.

He also wanted to have a new start with a new name.

Though he signed with the record label later, he was already quite popular even before.

He experienced his first breakthrough when his song Yes or No became a radio sensation.

He came to know about his hit song while he was serving time in prison.

It made him question his life decision and determined to change his way around.

So, when he completed his prison time and returned home, he got clean and worked on his determination by pouring all his efforts into building a musical career.

Fat Money had a unique talent with words and storytelling, which made him renowned, even among other rappers and record label owners.

His talent initially attracted T.I., who flew him to Atlanta and even wanted to sign a deal with him. However, things did not go as planned.

He did not get the deal, but his mixtapes and series of Cinco De Money earned him a cosign with the veteran rapper Kanye West.

Along with West, the 2004 singer also worked with another legendary artist and record label owner, Dr. Dre.

Fat Money had a great career producing his works and working for others and had a good idea of the music industry.

So, he started his record labels and named them Fat Money and Fta Money/Empire, both of which are doing great.

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