DCG Shun’s Age, Real Name, Bio, Girlfriend, Baby & Career

DCG Shun is a young talented rapper from the Westside, Chicago. He, along with his brother DCG BSavv, makes up the duo DCG Brothers.

Born on September 23, 2003, Shun has gained popularity with hits like ‘MmHmm,’ ‘Okay Remix,’ ‘Oky,’ ‘Forever Nitty,’ and ‘House Party’ in just a few years.

What is DCG Shun’s Real Name?

“DCG Shun’s real name is Arshun Hayes. The skilled rapper is known for being one-half of DCG Brothers.

How old is DCG Shun?

DCG Shun was born ON September 23, 2003. Currently, he is 20 years old.

The meaning behind his name

DCG Shun is a clever combination of his band name and real identity. DCG represents ‘Dreams Conquer Goals,’ reflecting their aspirations. The second half, ‘Shun,’ is derived from his real name ‘Arshun,’ with the removal of ‘AR’ because he found his original name dull and uninteresting.

What’s DCG Bsavv’s Real name?

DCG BSavv is the older brother of rapper, DCG Shun. They both together form the duo named”DCG Brothers“. His real name is Archie Hayes.

DCG Shun’s Wiki Summary

NameDCG Shun
Real NameArshun Hayes
BirthdaySeptember 23
Birth Year2003
Age20 years old
Zodiac SignLibra
HometownChicago, Illinois
ResidenceLA, California
MotherTeania Taylor
BrothersDCG BSavv, Kash (Half-Brother)
SisterLee (Half-Sister)

DCG Shun’s Early Life & Education

DCG Shun grew up at Parkside Avenue in the West Side of Chicago, alongside his older brother DCG BSavv, who’s just 10 months older.

Their early years were spent at their maternal granny’s place because their parents split right after they were born.

Later on, they moved in with their mom and stepdad after she remarried. Despite the separation, he and his brother were close to their dad.

DCG Shun was a troublemaker growing up. He said he started getting into trouble when he was just 12, landing in places like juvenile detention and even house arrest. Funny enough, when their first song got big, he was stuck at home doing house arrest.

Talking about DCG Shun’s education, school life was a bit of a rollercoaster for DCG Shun. He hopped around different schools in the neighborhood, often getting kicked out for causing trouble.

The final straw came when their last school thought the duo was too much of a distraction for the other kids, especially when they teased their song ‘Forever Nitty.’ The school went wild, drawing too much attention, and eventually, the brothers were shown the door. Frustrated by the constant school changes, Shun decided to call it quits on his education journey.

DCG Shun’s Girlfriend & Past Relationship

DCG Shun has been in relationships with several women, with Mello Bucks and Niyaa being publicly known.

There were rumors about Mello Bucks cheating on DCG Shun with rapper Munna Duke. A video surfaced on the internet that showed Mello Bucks sharing an intimate moment with the rapper Munna Duke, leading to DCG Shun ending his relationship with Mello Bucks.

Niyaa is DCG Shun’s baby mama. The reasons behind their separation are not public, but they are committed to co-parenting their son. As of now, Babyshun is 02 years old.

His Arrest & STD Rumors

DCG Shun had a history of getting in trouble from a young age, frequently ending up in jail. More recently, he faced a one-month sentence in Lake County, Florida for an incident involving spitting and spreading infectious disease.

There were rumors about him having an STD, but there’s no evidence supporting that claim.

According to our research team, this incident happened during the COVID-19 pandemic, suggesting it might have been related to that.

DCG Shun’s Music Career

DCG Shun, a huge hip-hop fan, grew up immersed in the sounds of legendary Chicago rappers like Chief Keef, Lil Durk, G Herbo, and Lil Wayne.

Despite his love for hip-hop, Shun’s primary passion was sports, particularly basketball. It was his brother, DCG BSavv, who was already into making rap music that inspired Shun to give it a try. In 2018, he finally took the plunge into the world of music.

Their debut as DCG Brothers began with a remix of 50 Cent’sWanksta,” gaining recognition in their neighborhood and encouraging them to continue. Hits like “Hot Fire,” “Forever Nitty,” “Singing Shit,” and “Spank Onna Beat” followed. “Forever Nitty” became a breakout success, amassing 100k views within a day, leading to a record deal with Atlantic Records.

Under Atlantic Records, DCG Shun along with his brother DCG BSavv, dropped his first successful album, “Jungle Life,” in 2022, featuring collaborations with notable artists like G Herbo, B-lovee, and Big30. Later in August of 2023, the talented siblings duo released their second album, “Us Never Them

DCG Shun and DCG Bsavv also collaborated with SBG Kemo to release the song “Okay” in 2020.

Besides, they also featured in SG Batman’s “Play Wit Me” remix which has over 2 million views on YouTube.

DCG Shun’s Net Worth

DCG Shun has amassed substantial wealth through his music career, with music being his main source of income. His tours and concerts consistently sell out, contributing to his financial success.

Besides, he also has a clothing lineup in collaboration with “Jugrnaut” It is estimated that DCG Shun, along with his brother DCG Bsavv, has a combined net worth of around 500k USD

DCG Shun’s Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube & Spotify

DCG Shun is extremely active on social media, consistently updating his fans on both his music and personal life. With a significant online presence, he has gathered a substantial following.

On Instagram, he has around 150k followers, and on TikTok, he is followed by 50k.

In addition to DCG Brothers’ main channel, they’ve introduced a second YouTube channel named “TheLifeOfShun&Bsavv,” giving fans a peek into their daily lives and the behind-the-scenes moments of their music videos.”

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