Lincoln Project’s Reed Galen’s Biography | His Wife, Net Worth, & Career

Reed Galen is an expert political strategist who has been gathering more limelight since 2019 as the cofounder of The Lincoln Project. Galen co-founded the Project with other few Republicans who had enough of the Presidentialship of former President Trump and wanted to stop the re-election of Trump.

Through the organization, Galen and other few Republicans made multimillion-dollar ads and even endorsed a Democrat candidate and prevented Trump from becoming the President of the USA for the second time.

Besides his achievement, Galen also comes from a political background. He is the son of the veteran columnist and strategist Richard A. Galen, who also goes by Rich Galen. Like Galen himself, his father also has a long history in politics and has served as the press secretary for the Speaker of House and the Vice President.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Popular ameReed Galen
Full NameReed Heller Galen
Date of birth1976
Age47 years old
Place of birthVirginia, USA
Current cityNew Port Beach, California, USA
FatherRichard A. Galen
MotherSusan Curran Galen
SpouseLindsay Erin Mock
ChildrenNot disclosed
OccupationIndependent political strategist,
Columnist and Author
Net worth$800K
Hair ColorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Instagram idreed_galen_lp

How Old is Reed Galen?

Reed Galen is 47 years old. He was born in 1976 in Virginia.

Is Reed Galen Married?

Reed Galen is married to Lindsay Erin Mock. She is 44 years old.
Her mom’s name is Denice Fladeboe Mock.
Currently, Reed and his wife Lindsay live in Newport Beach, CA.

Reed Galen’s Net Worth

Galen has been in politics since his young days. He has dedicated all his effort and time working for different aspects of politics.

He has worked in government and private sectors and has provided his services to many establishments.

The political strategist is also a successful columnist who writes for RealClearPolitics and is the author of The American Singularity.

With all these engagements, it is a no-brainer that Galen has earned a great deal of fortune and his net worth is estimated to be around $800K.

Reed Galen’s Father and Family

Reed Galen is the son of the veteran political strategist Richard Galen and his wife, Susan Curran Galen.

His parents live in Alexandira, VA at the present.

Galen grew up under his father’s shadow, who was a Republican.

His father, Richard, served in the Ohio and New Jersey National Guard and was a politically aware personality.

Because of his father, Galen also grew up in a political household and became a republican as an adult.

The father-son duo worked in the same field and was even involved in the amicus curiae brief submitted to the Supreme Court during the Hollingston v. Perry case to support same-sex marriage.

The duo is working effectively to bring stability and fairness to American politics to this day.


Galen attended McLean High School in McLean, Virginia.

After high school, he went to the Episcopal School of Dallas for his undergraduate degree.

Once he completed his study in Dallas, he again joined the University of Texas in Austin and graduated with another degree in 1998.

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The political strategist started his career in the Texas General Land Office as an assistant.

After gaining experience, he started his journey in politics by working in different election campaigns.

He was the Deputy Campaign Manager for John McCain for his presidential campaign. He also worked in the same role for the 2006 re-election of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Before these, Galen was also part of the 2000 and 2004 Presidential camps of former President George W. Bush.

He even got the opportunity to work for the White House in the Treasury and Homeland Security department.

After working for the government sector for many years, Galen started his public relation and communication service providing company and named it Summit Strategy in 2018.

The following year he also co-founded The Lincoln Project with a few other fellow republicans and stopped former President Trump from his second time as the President of the USA.

Galen is also the owner of The Cloak Room and Jedburgh.

He even works as the chief strategist for the Sam-Serve America Movement, Inc.

Galen has more than two decades of experience in political and public affairs and has provided his counsel to more than hundreds of companies.

He is a competent strategist who has been part of many campaigns and is the brain behind many great projects.


The Lincoln Project proved to be a great hindrance to former President Trump during his re-election, but he isn’t the only one for whom the Project created problems.

Galen and other co-founders of the organization also became part of a controversy when one of the co-founders, John Weaver, was found guilty of sexual misconduct.

Weaver got caught sending inappropriate sexual messages to many males, including some working in the same establishment.

On further digging, people found out he had a relationship with a minor. Though these started as rumors, everything turned out true when Weaver himself accepted them.

Besides this controversy, The Lincoln Project faced another controversy when a few of its former and current employees came forward with allegations of sexism and the use of homophobic words within the working space.

If there were not enough controversy, Galen himself part of one after a document showed Yellowstone as the partner organization of The Lincoln Project.

While investigating, people found that Galen was the chairman of Yellowstone, and there was a flow of money between the two organizations behind the scenes.

Though no one mentioned anything about the relationship between the two organizations on the official websites, everything was there on the documents.

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