Rapper RealRichIzzo Biography, Relations, Music Career, & Crime Records

Detroit-based rapper RealRichIzzo from Cashgang has made quite a name for himself in the music industry.

With a unique voice and raw rap style, he has attracted a significant following, but his journey to stardom has not been without controversy.

Today we explore the biography, personal relations, music career, and notable crime records of the rising artist.

Biography and Early Life

RealRichIzzo (Isaac Barnett Young) born on June 26, 1999, hails from a small town near Detroit, Michigan. His upbringing and early life laid the foundation for his remarkable career.

With an unmatched energy and aggressive delivery, he quickly caught the attention of the music scene.

RealRichIzzo’s music journey, though promising, has been marked by a series of legal entanglements and controversy, giving his story a unique and complex twist.

He lives in Inkster, Michigan.

What is Rapper RealRichIzzo’s Real Name?

Rapper RealRichIzzo’s real name is Isaac Barnett Young.

How old is RealRichIzzo?

RealRichIzzo is 24 years old. He was born in Inkster, Michigan.

Where is He From?

RealRichIzzo is from Inkster, Michigan.

Why Did He Choose Tom Izzo as His Nickname?

He chose Tom Izzo as a nickname since it is the name of Michigan State University’s men’s basketball coach.

How He Started

Like his close friends 24Lik and 392 Lil Head, RealRichIzzo also started his musical journey by appearing in FWC Big Key’s videos. He was inspired and motivated by Big Key and he has been following Big Key’s footsteps.

His Musical Group Cashgang

His CashGang group consists of FWC Big Key, 392 Lil Head, Lik 24, MoMoney Moo, and CashGangMike. These rappers are often seen featuring in each other’s songs.

Music Career and Popular Songs

RealRichIzzo’s music career has been characterized by a series of impactful releases and significant accomplishments.

His rap style is often described as raunchy and raw, a trait that has helped him connect with a dedicated fan base.

Notably, he is known for building energy through his aggressive delivery and storytelling style.

One of his standout songs, “Whoop Dat,” achieved a significant milestone by reaching the ninth position on TikTok’s US Top Tracks in the last week of May 2023, further solidifying his presence in the industry.

He has also released tracks like “Out on Bond,” “Jumpin’ Out,” “Stupid Hoes,” “I’m Back,” and “Str8 In,” some of which have garnered impressive streaming numbers.

RealRichIzzo’s uniqueness lies in his ability to craft industry-type music with catchy hooks. He has shown consistency in his work, which has captured the attention of music enthusiasts.

Signed Record Deal


In July 2023, with the legal help of his attorney Emeka X. Madubuogo, Esq., RealRichIzzo signed a record deal with Capitol Music Group, marking a significant milestone in his career. His music is currently released via Priority Records.

He had turned down a few labels before.

He got $700K advanced from the signing that

He even wrote a song “Signing Day” and released it in August 2023 to celebrate his first deal with Capital Records.

He has also signed to Priority Records label.

After signing with Priority Records, he has released several singles, “Switch It Up ft. Icewear Vezzo”, “Password”, and “House Arrest”.

He released “Missionary” in December 2023 via Priority Records.

How Much Does RealRichIzzo Make?

The 24-year-old rapper made somewhere between $100K-$150K per year in 2021 and 2022. The year 2023 has been quite remarkable as he has made over $800k this year alone.

He got an advance of $700K as part of his contract with Capitol Records.

RealRichIzzo’s Net Worth

RealRichIzzo has an estimated net worth of $800K.

His Diamond Necklace

As soon as he signed a record deal with Capitol Records, he got a diamond necklace from The Hutch’s Jewelry. The piece has Izzo written on it with a belt on it and the backside has the word #RIP JUMPOUT carved on it.

Shows and Tours

He did a show in Columbus, Ohio in October 2023. He also did a Halloween performance on October 28th, 2023 at 1812 E. 30th Street, Cleveland.

He also went to the Hood Hottest Princess tour with Sexyy Red from November 11th to 29th in 2023.

Relations and Personal Life

Isaac Young’s personal life involves connections with his family members, including Jacqueline Young (Mom) and Rachael Rochelle Young (Sister) from Novi, Michigan. He hails from Inkster, Michigan, and currently resides there.

The artist’s unique nicknames, “Tom Izzo,” and “CashgangIzzo,” have added an intriguing aspect to his persona, creating a buzz among his fans and the media.

He has a girlfriend whose name has not been revealed to the public yet.

And he also has a kid who was born in late 2020.

Crime Records, Arrests, and Controversy

RealRichIzzo’s journey to fame has not been without controversy. He has faced legal issues, including allegations of illegal firearm possession and engagement in a shootout.

In 2020, he received a half-year jail sentence in Kosciusko County Superior Court 3 after he was found using counterfeit $20 bills at Walmart. He and two of his friends had made a purchase of $1,100 in Walmart by using $20 bills in 2018.

He also had a theft and counterfeiting case pending in Cass County. He had also received an 18-month sentence from his Marshall County case.

A federal crackdown on violent street gangs in the Detroit metropolitan area led to criminal charges against the rapper.

Recently, prosecutors have accused him of being involved in a fight at Westland Shopping Center that ended with a pistol-whipping. The shootout left a long blood trail.

Despite these allegations, Young managed to walk out of federal court in July 2023.

His case, like that of other emerging artists, has sparked debates about whether such individuals, with lucrative music label deals, should be released while awaiting trial.

Young’s legal battles have made headlines and have raised questions about the intersection of the music industry and the justice system.


He has a high school diploma that he completed in 2020.

He has revealed that he had to go to schools on the outskirts as the schools inside Inkster got burned down.

He is Active in Social Media

He is quite active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

His Twitter handle name is Tom Izzo @RealRichIzzo. It has over 700 followers only. But he is active on Twitter (X).

His Facebook account has 1.5k followers.

His old Instagram page was hacked and he had to create a new one @realrichizzo which has over 60k followers at present.

Final Words,

RealRichIzzo is a rising star in the Detroit rap scene.

His raunchy and raw rap style has earned him a dedicated fan base, and he has achieved significant milestones in his music career, signing with Capitol Music Group and generating impressive streaming numbers.

However, his journey to fame has been marked by legal entanglements and controversy, raising important discussions about the intersection of the music industry and the legal system. Young’s unique persona and musical talent continue to captivate audiences, making him an artist to watch in the evolving rap landscape.

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