Munna Duke's Real Name, Age, Bio, Girlfriend, Family & Career

Munna Duke’s Real Name, Age, Bio, Girlfriend, Family & Net Worth

Munna Duke, born Rachaun Vance on February 13, 1994, is a prominent American rapper hailing from the South Side of Chicago.

He proudly represents O-Black, a sub-group affiliated with the Black Disciples (BDs) gang.

Munna Duke has gained recognition for his widely acclaimed tracks, including ‘10 to Da O,’ ‘12 am,’ ‘Winnin,’ and ‘Quick Message‘.

What is Munna Duke’s Real Name?

Munna Duke was born on February 13, 1994, as the third child of Daisy Gayden and Clarence McCarey. His real name is Rachaun Vance.

Where’s Munna Duke From?

Munna Duke was born in South Side Chicago. At the age of 11, he moved into Parkway Garden Homes (O-Block) when their housing project was torn down.

How Old is Munna Duke?

Munna Duke was born on February 13, 1994. Currently, he is 30 years old.

Wiki Summary

NameMunna Duke
Real NameRachaun Vance
BirthdayFebruary 13
HometownSouth Side, Chicago, IL
ResidenceSouth Wallace Street, Chicago, IL
StatusIn A Relationship
Tattoos Yes

Early Life & Education

Munna Duke spent his childhood near Parkway Garden Homes, infamously known as O-Block in the South Side of Chicago.

Late King Von and Chief Keef who were actually from O-Block are his childhood friends and went to the same grammar school with them in the neighborhood.

Education QualificationHigh School Graduate
Elementary SchoolDulles Elementary School
High School NA

Munna Duke was good at studies, but by the time he reached high school, his grades started to decline.

At just 14, he found himself in legal trouble and went to jail. Despite facing legal trouble before finishing high school, he managed to graduate.

However, it’s uncertain whether he pursued college afterward.

Munna Duke’s Family

MotherDaisy Gayden
FatherClarence McCarey
GirlfriendFatfat (MrsBanks)

Munna Duke was born into a large family and grew up with his four siblings. He is the third child of Daisy Gayden and Clarence McCarey.

He has an older brother and sister, both of whom are happily married with children. In addition, he has two younger siblings, a brother and a sister.

He also has a son and is expecting another baby boy with his girlfriend Fatfat (supahotshopper).

Munna Duke’s Girlfriend & Past Relationship

Currently, Munna Duke is in a relationship with Fatfat (also known as Msbucks). They are expecting a baby boy together.

Rumors began circulating as they were frequently seen hanging out and featuring in each other’s music videos.

In February 2023, he made their relationship public by sharing photos with her.

Munna Duke's Real Name, Age, Bio, Girlfriend, Family & Net Worth

Who is Munna Duke’s girlfriend Fatfat (MsBucks)?

Fatfat, also known as MsBucks, was the wife of the late rapper DThang.
She has a son and a daughter from her relationship with DThang.
Additionally, DThang is the older brother of the well-known rapper Lil Durk.

In late 2023, there were rumors that he and rapper Mello Bucks were involved while she was still dating DCG Shun. This speculation started after a video surfaced online, showing Munna Duke and Mello Bucks in a close embrace.

How much is Munna Duke Worth?

Munna Duke relies on his music as his main source of income, earning a handsome amount from shows and concerts. His estimated net worth is around 500k USD.

Frequent Arrests and Legal Troubles

Munna Duke's Real Name, Age, Bio, Girlfriend, Family & Net Worth

Munna Duke has encountered legal challenges since the age of 14, with charges ranging from Cannabis Possession and Gun Possession to Reckless Conduct. Between 2012 and 2015, he served a three-year sentence for robbery, during which he was incarcerated at the Jacksonville Correctional Center.It’s noteworthy that during the period when King Von was gaining prominence, Munna Duke was once again in prison serving his sentence.

His Music Career

Despite hanging out with well-known rappers such as King Von, Chief Keef, and Lil Durk, Munna Duke embarked on his music career relatively late.

He began writing songs in his mid-20s after being released from prison.

His debut track, ‘12 am,‘ received positive feedback from the audience, followed by subsequent releases like ‘Winnin,’ ‘Right Back,’ and ‘I Ain’t.’

His biggest hits so far are ‘12 am‘ and ‘10 to Da O‘ featuring In August 2023, he dropped his first album titled ‘Welcome to the Jungle‘. The album comprises 12 songs.

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