Leaf Ward’s Biography, Net Worth, Career, Girlfriend, and Family

Philadelphia’s underground drill music scene witnessed the rise of Khalif Ward, known by his moniker Leaf Ward, as he made a significant impact in the hyper-local hip-hop subgenre.

With over a million streams on Spotify for his track “Risk Takers,” Ward earned a dedicated fanbase that hailed him as one of the city’s top talents.

In August 2023, Leaf Ward was arrested outside of King of Prussia Mall as he was charged with three felonies.

Biography and Wiki

What is Leaf Ward’s real name?

leaf Ward’s real name is Khalif Abdul Ward.

How Old is Leaf Ward?

Leaf Ward is 26 years old. The rapper was born on April 1, 1998.

Where is Leaf Ward From?

Although many believed Leaf Ward was from New Orleans, the rapper belongs to the hip-hop-rich city of Philadelphia. New Orleans people supported him a lot in his musical journey.

Popular NameLeaf Ward
Real NameKhalif Abdul Ward
Date of birthApril 1, 1998
Age26 years old
Place of birthPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
HometownPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Current residencePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
FatherKarl M. Ward
MotherLisa M. Ward
Daughter Zahra
SonName Unknown
Net worth$300k
Height5 feet 9 inches (Estimated)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Instagram id@leafward

Born on April 1, 1998, Leaf Ward calls Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, his hometown. At the age of 26 in 2024, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the American music scene.

He is a Muslim and he is quite a religious person.

Leaf Ward’s music has transcended mere auditory enjoyment, delving into emotions and thoughts, and connecting deeply with listeners.

Leaf Ward Follows Islam Religion

His dad turned Muslim in jail and Leaf Ward followed in his father’s footsteps into this religion. He started learning about Islam religion when he was in 6th grade and gradually turned into a Muslim when he was seventeen.

Debut Song “North of Death Freestyle” and Career

Leaf Ward embarked on his musical journey with the release of “North of Death Freestyle” on YouTube in January 2018.

Throughout his career, Leaf Ward released multiple mixtapes and compelling singles, showcasing his evolving style and musical prowess. In 2018, he unveiled his debut album, “Concrete Leaf,” featuring six tracks that left a lasting impression on his audience.

The following year saw the release of his album titled “Da Trillest,” underscoring Leaf Ward’s growth and development as an artist. His commitment to his craft extended beyond music, evident in his captivating visual performance “Big 7.62 Freestyle,” blending tracks by Fivio Foreign and YFN Lucci.

In 2020, he shared “On My Own 2” on SoundCloud, demonstrating his dedication to sharing his artistic creations with a wider audience.

Leaf Ward’s artistic journey resonates deeply with listeners worldwide, emphasizing his talent, resilience, and ability to connect with his audience profoundly.

His impact on the music scene has not gone unnoticed, and his association with New Lane Entertainment, guided by PnB Rock’s (Rest in Peace Champ!) leadership, propelled his career further.

His tracks, such as “Concrete,” “County Conversations,” and “They Forgot,” have garnered viral attention, highlighting his talent and emotional storytelling. They Forgot 3 has over 8 million views on YouTube.

His songs like Big 7.62 Freestyle, All Said & Done, Stand On It, Huey P, & Midnight Club (Leaf Ward ft. Ot7quanny) are some other hit songs that have garnered over a

Leaf Ward’s authenticity and willingness to share personal experiences and emotions have endeared him to his audience, making a significant impact on the rap scene locally and globally.

He listens to NBA Youngboy. As he continues his musical journey, Leaf Ward’s unique approach to music-making, collaboration, and resonance with listeners position him prominently in the rap panorama.

Popular rapper Lil Bucks released a song named Pray For Them by collaborating with Leaf Ward in 2023.

How Many Kids Does Leaf Ward Have?

Rapper Leaf Ward has two kids, one daughter and one son.

He has a few face tattoos. One tattoo reads “Zahra”, the name of his daughter and another one reads “Irene”, his grandmother’s name.

He even has a song named “Letter To Zahra”.

Zahra came into the world in 2020. Interestingly, her father had already tattooed the name “Zahra” on himself two months before her birth. It turns out he chose this name for his daughter after her arrival, inspired by the middle name of one of Prophet Muhammad’s daughters – Zahra.

Leaf Ward with his kids

Who is Leaf Ward’s Baby Mama?

Leaf Ward used to date a girl named Lea. She was his first love. He even released a song named “Lil Lea”. She used to have an Instagram handle @msleemp which is no longer active.

Although she might be his baby mama, there is no proper proof of that.

He tattooed the name of his girlfriend when he was 17. Later he covered the tattoo with a car tattoo when they broke up in 2017.

Regarding his personal life, Leaf Ward maintains privacy, and there is limited information available about his dating life or relationships. It is unclear whether he is single or chooses to keep his personal life away from the spotlight.

Leaf Ward Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, Leaf Ward has an estimated net worth of $300K.

Details on Leaf Ward’s Father and Mother

His father’s name is Karl M. Ward and his mother’s name is Lisa M. Ward. They both follow the Islamic religion.

His father was locked up in jail in 2002. He was charged with a felony and spent 15 years in jail.

Leaf Ward Arrested

The Philly rapper Leaf Ward faced arrest in mid-2023 when undercover cops approached him at a restaurant while he was with a female companion.

He attempted to evade arrest by running towards the back of the restaurant and disposing of a weapon by throwing it in the trash. Police apprehended him and discovered a plastic pill bottle and a white plastic bag that appeared to contain ecstasy.

Ward already had multiple active arrest warrants, including felony weapons charges.

His bail was set at $150,000, requiring the full amount for release, without the option of paying just 10%.

Social Media

Leaf Ward is active on social media platforms, with over 250k followers on Instagram and over 88k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

His journey in the music industry continues, guided by his talent and commitment.

Final Words

In conclusion, Leaf Ward’s biography is marked by his rise in the music industry, dedicated fanbase, and the recent turn of events concerning his arrest.

His music has resonated with listeners, and his ability to connect on a profound level has solidified his presence in the rap scene, both locally and globally.

As the details surrounding his arrest unfold, Leaf Ward’s career and impact on the music world remain a compelling narrative to follow.

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