Ot7 Quanny’s Real Name, Age, Net Worth, & Career

Ot7 Quanny is making a name for himself in the Philadelphia hip-hop scene. Having come up in the tough environment of North Philly, he’s now starting to be recognized in the industry.

We often see him collaborating with rappers like Leaf Ward, and NR BOOR. He is also often seen with popular Philly rappers Lil Bucks and 1Mere. He has given us some hit songs like “Dog Talk”, “Write A Book”, and “Sosa”.

In 2021, OT7 Quanny received substantial support and recognition within the hip-hop industry. This remarkable year for him included Endorsement from OVO Sound Radio, Acknowledgment by Pitchfork, Inclusion in Audiomack’s “10 Rappers You Should Know”, and earning respect and endorsement of established rap artists like 22Gz and PNB Rock.

What is Ot7 Quanny Real Name?

Rapper Ot7 Quanny’s actual name is Jaquan Borneo. However, several online sources incorrectly state his name as Quincy Johnson.

Meaning Behind His Name Ot7 Quanny

There is a meaning behind his unique name. “Ot” in Ot7 stands for Overtime and 7 stands for seven days a week. He says he keeps grinding every day, seven days a week. So, He kept the name Ot7 Quanny.

Where is Ot7 Quanny From?

Ot7 Quanny is from West Oak Lane, Philadelphia. He was born and raised in the southern part of New Jersey until he was 11.

Then his family moved to Philadelphia and they lived in West Oak Lane in Philadephia.

How Old is the Rapper Ot7 Quanny?

Ot7 Quanny is 26 years old. His birthday is unknown. But, we will soon find out and update this section.

Early Life and Background:

Ot7 Quanny hails from North Philadelphia, a rough neighborhood known for its challenges and street culture. His upbringing involved a transition from playing sports like basketball, football, and baseball to getting involved in the streets.

Transition into the Streets:

Ot7 Quanny started transitioning into street life around the age of 12-13. He described how his neighborhood had two sides: one for younger kids and one for older individuals, and he started crossing over to the older side. Then, the death of one of his friends marked a significant turning point in his street involvement.

OT7 Quanny is affiliated with Zoogang, often collaborating with Poundside Pop in addressing their rivals, the Black Flags. Prominent members of the Black Flags include YM Slumboy, NSU Sheedo, Blumberg Geez, and others. Due to the ongoing conflict between these factions, both sides have tragically experienced significant losses among their members.

Motivation for Pursuing Music:

A friend who was incarcerated encouraged Ot7 Quanny to pursue music, suggesting that it could be a positive path.

Initially, he hesitated but decided to give it a try and recorded his first song. Then positive feedback from friends encouraged him to continue despite initial doubts.

Influences and Music Style

Ot7 Quanny’s music is inspired by real-life experiences, and he aims to create “money music” with a motivational message. He values authenticity and incorporates his daily life experiences into his songs.

In an interview, he mentioned the importance of having a small, trusted group of friends in the studio to ensure the quality of his music.

Challenges in the Music Industry:

Ot7 Quanny highlighted the challenge of dealing with people in the music industry, mentioning that he had experience with individuals trying to take advantage of him.

He has emphasized the need for self-promotion and discussed how he used Instagram for self-promotion during the early stages of his career.

Ot7 Quanny has talked about the music scene in Philadelphia, noting that while it can be difficult due to internal competition and hatred, it’s also a city that supports those with a unique and genuine style.

He has highlighted that artists must gain recognition within their local community before making it into the larger music industry.

He stressed that artists should be persistent in promoting themselves and not let their pride get in the way.

Support from His Family and Friends

Family and friends, particularly his grandmother, played a significant role in motivating and supporting his music career. He mentioned that his family is proud of his success and finds it surreal to see him on TV and achieve recognition.

His parents, brother, and grandparents often call him. They watch his videos but the rapper mentions that it is a bit hard for his grandparents to adjust to his videos and raps.

Despite challenges, he remains grounded and focused on his goals.

He has a son who turned 03 years old in 2024. The arrival of his son in this world has motivated Ot7 Quanny like never before.

Information on His Girlfriend and Dating Life

There is no information about his dating life, girlfriend, and affairs. It looks like he is not married.

Ot7 Quanny’s Net Worth and Earnings

The rapper has an estimated net worth of $800k. He has a few hit songs like “Dog Talk”, “Write A Book”, “NEW MONEY”, “POWER”, and “Sosa” which have earned him quite a good amount of money.

He also does brand endorsements, mostly with clothing brands like HELLSTAR, and RICK OWENS ONLINE.

Death of His Manager Rondo

In February 2023, Rondo, who was the manager of ot7 Quanny and Leaf Ward was shot dead in Puerto Rico.

He was shot in the back of his head.

Future Plans

Ot7 Quanny aims to continue making music that reflects his experiences and connects with his audience. He intends to maintain his discipline and dedication to his music career, staying focused on the grind.

Other Details

Age 26 years old
Real NameJaquan Borneo
Ethnicity Afro American
Mother NA
siblingsOne Brother
Height5 Feet 11 inches

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