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LaVerne Tripp: Family, Wife, Age, & Net Worth

LaVerne Tripp is a renowned gospel singer who has traveled across the USA, preaching the tales of Jesus. Initially, Tripp was part of the Palmetto State Quartet. But later, he left there and joined the famous southern gospel group, Blue Ridge Quartet, as its lead singer. Tripp performed with them until the group was disbanded and gave many number one songs on the Singing News Chart. “He set me free” and ” Never grow old” are other hit songs that Tripp sang.

Even after the group disbanded, Tripp continued his journey as a gospel. However, this time it was with his family. Tripp traveled from place to place, singing his songs with his wife, Edith Tripp, and his two sons, Robb and Terry. Besides traveling to places as a gospel singer, Tripp also hosted the show Born To Be Free on Cornerstone TV.

Currently, the Tripp family resides in Gallatin, Tennessee, where they have the LaVerne Tripp Ministries. The Tripp couple looks after the ministries. They also have been raising 100 children in Vijayawada, India.

Tripp is not the only one serving God through his songs. Even his children are following the path that he has shown them. His elder son Robb is a singer and the pastor of The Fire Place Fellowship. Likewise, his younger son Terry is also a former singer, speaker, and author. Both of his sons have devoted their lives to serve God as their parents.

Laverne is living a good life with his wife, two sons, six grandchildren, and many great-grandchildren.

Biography Summary

Popular NameLaVerne Tripp
Real NameLaVerne Tripp
Date of birthUnknown
Place of birthUnknown
FatherNot disclosed
MotherNot disclosed
SiblingsNot disclosed
SpouseEdith Tripp
SonsRobb Tripp
Terry Tripp
OccupationFormer gospel singer and host
Net worth950 Thousand USD
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Hair colorBlond
Eye colorBlue

Laverne Tripp Wife, Children, and Family 

Laverne has a great family with his wife Edith and sons Robb and Terry.

From the beginning, his wife shared the same love for God and music that Tripp had. 

She traveled with him across America, singing the songs of gods with him. To this day, she is the road buddy of her husband whenever he decides to visit any church or ministry across the city or the state. 

Edith is also the partner of her husband in all of his duets. The couple sings melodiously and has many great songs to their name.

Even after all these years, neither their love for each other nor for the gospel has changed. Despite their old age, they still travel and spread the words of gods.

Because of the couple, their sons are also firm believers and great singers.

Their elder son Robb sang with his family during their trip. Later, he too followed the footsteps of his parents and became a pastor. Currently, he is serving as the senior pastor of the church, The Fire Place Fellowship. 

He is not serving there alone. His wife Shanda is also a pastor in the same church. Robb and Shanda take great pride in their church and have a happy life with their three children. They have two daughters Madison and Hannah, and a son Lawson.

Like Robb, Laverne’s second son Terry is also following in his footsteps. During his adult life, Terry was into rock music and used to perform songs with his family. But as he grew up, he started connecting more and more to the almighty. 

He started reaching out to people and led them towards Jesus. He even turned into a motivational speaker and has the motivational segment Empowerment Minute broadcasted on more than ten networks.

He also published many books for those who are struggling in life. God, Googling, and Grandma, Elevation are some of his best sellers.

Like his father, mother, and elder brother, Terry also has a peaceful life serving God. His wife, Kim, and daughters, Rose, Isabella, and Lacey, also share the same faith in God as him.

LaVerne Tripp Net Worth

LaVerne has spent most of his life traveling from place to place with his family. He has performed on many occasions and even recorded many successful songs.

All these created an opportunity for him to earn a great deal of fame and fortune. The gospel singer has a net worth of 950 thousand USD from his successful career.

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