Amilya Antonetti is the successful founder of the Genius Key. She is an expert in human behavior and conflict resolution. She has been an inspirational figure for more than thirty-five years and was first known to the media through her eco-friendly and human-friendly company SoapWorks.

She was a skilled businesswoman and still is an innovative entrepreneur. But now, she has shifted her efforts to actually bringing positive changes in people’s life. She has been working actively in the Genius Institute Inc. as its CEO.

Quick Biography & Wiki

Popular NameAmilya Antonetti
Real NameAmilya Antonetti
Date of birthOctober 9
Place of birthUnknown
FatherFranco Antonetti
MotherAnna Falcinelli
SiblingsOne brother
StatusIn a relationship
SonDavid Antonetti
DaughterLucia Antonetti
OccupationCEO, Entrepreneur, Author, Columnist, and former news coordinator 
Net worth11 Million USD
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorGrey
Instagram idamilya_antonetti
FacebookAmilya Antonetti

Amilya Antonetti’s Net Worth and Salary

The CEO of Genius Institute Inc., Amilya, is a successful entrepreneur and a great motivational success.

She has led many talk programs where she has talked about running a business effectively and making the best of it.

She has changed the life of many, including her own. She has earned a net worth of 11 Million USD to this day.


Amilya’s career changes are as sudden and unexpected to others as it is to her.

She was the founder of Mamma Amilya’s in California initially, which she sold in 1991.

Sometime later, she gave birth to her son, David. David was the cause she founded Soapwash, which made her name renowned among the vast industry.

Just a few months after David was born, he started getting sick. He used to get red ears, rashes on the skin, and even suffered from respiratory failure. Amilya remembers how she and her husband frequently had to take them to the emergency room.

The doctors used to treat David, he used to get well, but again another week, he used to be in the emergency. The doctors could not find the reason until a homeopathic specialist saw the case. He pointed out that David was okay in the hospital and was sick only when he was at home so, there must be something wrong in their house.

Because of this suggestion, Amilya started writing a daily journal about her routine. It made her realize that David used to get sick every Tuesday, and every week that day, she used to clean the house.

When she figured it out, she checked into the PDR (Physician Desk Reference), where she found the ingredients used in cleaning products and their side effects. The symptoms of her son matched the side effects written on it.

She stopped cleaning her house after this, and surprisingly David did not get sick anymore. Now, Amilya knew what she should not use. But when she went to buy cleaning supplies, she did not find anything.

She called her grandma to share her frustration when her grandmother told her that they used to make their cleaning supplies in the past.

This single phone call gave rise to SoapWork. Amilya decided at that moment that she wanted to make eco-friendly and human-friendly cleaning products.

Soon, the SoapWork grew from her room to the garage and then to a whole company. Amilya started making changes in her company and even became inspirational for many. She even wrote a book, Why David Hated Tuesday, which became a New York Times Best Seller.

Her business grew more than anyone had anticipated, and the tale of her courage spread so wide. She even appeared on the shows of Oprah and Steve, who endorsed her.

However, this was not what Amilya wanted to do in the long run. So, she sold the company and stepped into the broadcasting industry.

She started working in Tv programs for Fox News and even hosted her podcast on the 77 WABC.

Amilya then started working on the studies of human behavior and conflict management. She even participated in many talk shows as a motivational speaker. Her natural talk and sense of humor made it easier for her to connect with her audience.

Her exposure to a mass audience just fueled her desire to make positive changes in people’s lives. It led her to found The Genius Institute Inc. In this same company, she also founded Genius Key, cloud-based software that aids in self-development.

Awards and Achievements

Amilya is an inspirational figure who has been a successful entrepreneur and has influenced other people’s lives with eco-friendly and human-friendly products.

Her name was put under the fastest under forty for her phenomenal business skills and success.

She even received the Fargo Award of Excellence.

Once, Amilya also got invited to speak in front of the military. During this, she was honored with the Eagle Trophy.

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