Kenny Mason | Real Name, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend, & Family

Kenny Mason is a singer-rapper, songwriter, and producer from Atlanta, Georgia. He first came to the limelight with his song Hit, which he released in 2019 and got millions of streams.

The 29 years old had a breakthrough in 2019 but was in the industry earlier than that. From the age of twelve, he started rapping, and by the time he was fourteen, he was determined to make a career in the music industry as a rapper.

He formed a group with his friends called House 9, where he sharpened his rapping and mixing skills and released several mixtapes before signing a contract with the RCA label. 

Quick Biography/Wiki Summary

Popular NameKenny Mason
Real NameEdwin Kenneth Green Jr.
Date of birthDecember 17, 1994
Age29 years old
Place of birthAtlanta, Georgia, USA
HometownAtlanta, Georgia, USA
Current ResidenceAtlanta, Georgia, USA
FatherEdwin Green 
MotherNot disclosed
SiblingsNot disclosed
OccupationRapper, Singer, Songwriter, and Producer
Net worth150 Thousand USD
Height5 ft 8 in ( 173 cm)
Weight70 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Instagram idkennymason

Kenny Mason’s Net Worth

By this year, Mason has earned around 150 thousand USD as his net worth.

The rapper has been working with the renowned RCA label for quite some time and has released many hit songs.

He decided to be a rapper when he was fourteen and has worked hard all these years.

With his hard work, he has garnered fame and money.

Hometown, Early Life, and Family

Ason was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia – a musically rich city that produced emerging rappers like Killumantii, Money Mu, Fat Money, and Coldheartedsavage.

He lived with his grandmother until he was ten and then went to live with other family members after her death.

While staying with his father and stepmother, a cross-country truck driver by profession, he used to listen to songs of Tupac that his father used to play.

Around the same time, Lil Wayne also released his hit song Go DJ which became his favorite.

Being exposed to music and rappers at a young age, Mason also developed a thing for rapping.

He then decided to make a career in music and achieved his goal as he became one of the most picked-up artists today.

Though he had determination, it was not so easy. He grew up in the hood, which is not the best place for a kid.

He got accustomed to violence from a young age and became part of a gang.

His involvement in the gang came to bite him in 2014 when he got shot. 

He remembers that while people took him to the hospital, his mother was by his side in the ambulance crying.

It was a life-changing experience that made him think hard about life.

Besides this, the rapper has shared other things about his personal life, like how he is a vegan.

He shared that he turned vegan during the pandemic when his homegirl explained the benefits of going vegan for his body and the environment.

She even showed him documentaries on animal cruelty which sealed the deal.

Mason first went vegan once a week and then started eating meat only twice a week and finally gave up eating up altogether.

Since then, he has been a proud vegan.

Kenny Mason Dating and Relationship

The SHELL singer is secretive when it comes to his love life.

He has not posted any pictures on his social media handles which hints that the singer is dating someone.

So, by all this, we can assume that the rapper is currently happily single and is focusing on his music.


Mason went to Carver High School for his high school degree.

He took music production as one of his school courses.

However, there is no record of him going to college after high school.

Rapping Career

The talented rapper started rapping when he was twelve.

But he only got to know he was good at it when he rapped to impress a girl. When the girl fell head over heels for his rapping, he got confident and wanted to rap for everyone.

During this same period, his teacher motivated him that with the right amount of deviation, he could make it as a rapper.

The rapper was already motivated by all these and became determined when he saw the interview with Kid Cutty, where Cutty was sharing how he made up his mind to be a rapper at fourteen and then worked for the next ten years to become famous.

The interview was the last nail in the coffin as Mason thought he was already fourteen, and if he became indecisive and wasted his time, then he would not have ten years to make it big like Cutty,

So, Mason made it his life motto to be a rapper, but he did not share it with anyone in his family as he knew they would object.

Instead, he talked with his friends and built a group named House 9 and a studio with the money they pooled together.

Before starting his studio, Mason worked at Krispy Kreme before realizing that the job was not for him.

After realizing this, he became serious about his music career and started experimenting and learning rapping and mixing skills.

While still making music in the studio, he was also actively competing in the underground rapping scene of Atlanta.

During this time, Mason created many singles and mixtapes, such as Big 9 Theory, TV Dinner, etc., with his group and uploaded them on SoundCloud.

He uploaded the songs on the platform as an experiment and even released singles like 22 and 4 Real between 2016 and 2018.

He had few listeners but was not that famous until his 2019 Single Hit went viral and brought attention to him and his music.

With the hit, fans knew about his unique way of mixing grudge rock with some elements of shoegaze and hip-hop and loved it.

The success of his singles motivated him to release a whole album in 2020, which he named Angelic Hoodrat.

The album received a good response from the fans, so he released its deluxe edition named Angelic Hoodrat: Supercross, which also received the same love as the first one.

After so many successes, Mason started featuring other artists like JIF and IDK and even included other renowned fellow rappers in his work.

Mason came a long way from where he started, and his struggles of all these years paid off, as now he is an established artist with a contract with the RCA labels and lots of fans who love and support him.

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