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Jon Courson is a renowned former pastor from California who founded the Applegate Christian Fellowship. He was trained by the founder of the Calvary Chapel movement, Reverend Chuck Smith. During his active years in the church, Courson served as the head pastor before passing the rein to his younger son, Ben Courson.

Currently, Courson has retired as a pastor but has not given up on his radio ministry. He also has his own YouTube channel and website, through which he reaches out to his thousands of followers.

The 68 year-old former pastor is still actively reaching people and trying to convey the words of God.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Popular NameJon Courson
Real NameJon Courson
Date of birthMarch 11, 1956
Age68 years old
Place of birthUnknown
HometownTwine Pines, California, USA
FatherEverett Courson
MotherNadine Courson
SpouseTammy Courson
Son(s)Peter-John Courson and Ben Courson
Daughter(s)Jessica Courson, Mary Parton and 
Christy Courson
OccupationPastor and author
Net worthUnknown
Hair ColorGrey
Eye ColorBlue
YouTube Searchlight with Jon Courson

Jon Courson’s Net Worth

Courson served as a head pastor and even taught many other pastors during his active years in the church. He also wrote books and even reached people through online platforms.

All of these have given him enough opportunity to make an impact and make good earnings.

Though the former pastor has not shared his net worth, it is safe to assume that he has a sufficient amount of money required to live a decent life, if not lavish.

Family and Parents

The author of A Future and A Hope has not shared any information on his birthplace but shared that he grew up in Twins Pines. He also shared that Everett and Nadine were his parents.

Courson has yet to share about his siblings and his childhood. However, he is transparent about his journey with the god.

He was raised in a Christian family by his religious family and took an active role in the church under the guidance of Revender Chuck Smith. 

Since then, he has been actively working to share his religious values. He has found peace doing this.

He even passed his beliefs to his family, with whom he is living a great life now. But things weren’t the same all the time.

Where is Jon Courson now?

Jon Courson lives in Jacksonville, OR with his wife and family.

Jon Courson’s Health Problems

Courson has gone through many tragedies in his life. He lost his first wife and his eldest daughter, Jessica, to a car accident.

When he thought things couldn’t get worse than this, he had to bid farewell to his elder son, Peter-John. He lost Peter to cancer.

Like Courson, his elder son was also a pastor who had taken care of Applegate Christian Fellowship when he moved to Mexico to teach young pastors.

Before his death, Peter had struggled with over two decades-long Crohn’s disease and even went to brain surgery. But later, when diagnosed with the fourth stage of colon cancer, he couldn’t keep up the fight and took his last breath in 2019.

Losing a wife, daughter, and then a son was a devastating loss for Courson, but with the help of his friends and family, he made peace and never gave up on his faith.

To this day, his faith is strong, and he still tries his best to reach as many people as possible. And even his younger son, Ben, followed in his footsteps and became a pastor. His other family members also support and follow his faith.

Does Jon Courson Have Cancer?

No, the pastor Jon Courson does not have cancer. He lost his son Peter because of colon cancer.

If you have heard about Jon Courson’s having cancer, it could be the state Sen. John E. Courson of South Carolina. The politician had a serious form of cancer, malignant melanoma, that was diagnosed in late 2015 and he was visiting a health center in Columbia every three weeks after that.

Jon Courson’s First Wife

Courson was previously married to Terry Pam Elder Courson. He had three beautiful children, one daughter, Jessica, and two sons, Peter-John and Ben. However, he lost her to a car accident in 1982, when she was just twenty-nine.

The death of his first wife was devastating, and he was heartbroken for quite some time. Every place and everything used to remind him of his wife.

His Second Wife, Relationship, and Children

But things started getting better after a while, and Courson met his second wife, Tammy, and married her in 1985. The couple has two beautiful daughters, Mary and Christy.  

Like Courson, Tammy is also a religious person. She is an artist and a blogger. She sells paintings, postcards, and pictures and runs Tambo Art, an art blog.

Tammy has blended perfectly with Courson’s children from his first marriage and is the biggest supporter of her husband. She was there for him when he lost his eldest daughter and even his son. 

Despite the loss of many family members, Courson and Tammy did not give up on their faith. They have a happy life with their remaining children and grandchildren and have made the best of what they have.


 Courson attended Twin Pines High School to get his high school degree.

Once he completed high school, he enrolled in Biola University to get a divinity degree.


Courson started his journey under the guidance of reverend Chuck Smith. He worked as a young pastor in San Jose for a few years before establishing the Applegate Christian Fellowship in Southern Oregon.

While still serving in Applegate, he moved to Costa Mesa to work with his mentor as the head pastor. He stayed here for three years and then traveled to Mexico in 2005.

He worked in a pastor training school located in Carmen Serdar Mexico. He trained the young pastors for a year and then moved back to Oregon.

In his absence, his late son Peter looked after Applegate, and after his return, the father-son duo worked as co-pastor.

He worked in the church for all those years and retired in 2020. Before retiring, he shifted his responsibilities as the head pastor to his younger son, Ben.

Despite retiring as a pastor, Courson continued spreading his faith in other ways.

He published many books and even started a YouTube channel and website to reach as many people as possible. 

He has over 66k subscribers on his YouTube channel, through which he often shares videos about his religious beliefs with the world.


Besides that, the former pastor of Applegate had a successful career all these years without a single controversy. However, things changed after accusations of sexual abuse were made against his son, Ben.

Last year, many women came forward and claimed that Ben had sexually abused them. 

Because of the scandals, the younger son of Courson stepped down from his position as the head pastor of Applegate. 

With the removal of Ben, the church also fired another pastor, Joe Stroble, who supposedly covered the allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

The scandal didn’t end up with Ben, but it even dragged Courson into it. People started comparing Ben with his father.

A few of the former members and former pastor of Applegate came forward and shared that Courson also had an inappropriate relationship with a woman when he was still married to his first wife in the 1980s.

These people claim that people saw the former pastor sharing a kiss with the woman, and he even accepted the relationship when confronted.

They also showed their dissatisfaction with the church. The church didn’t discipline Courson even when they brought it to light.

The scandal made Ben step down from his position and even some inconvenience to Courson, but neither the father nor the son let it stop them from what they were doing.

Despite the allegations, Courson still preaches through the videos that he uploads on his YouTube channel.


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