jay haizlip net worth, wife, skateboarding,age, bio, career, children and education

Jay Haizlip’s Net Worth, Wife, Skateboarding, Age, Bio, Career, Children, and Education

Jay Haizlip is a professional skateboarder and a popular reality TV personality. At current times, he serves as the Lead Pastor and Founder of The Sanctuary, an evangelical megachurch in Costa Mesa, California. For his aggressive pool skating technique, he garnered admiration and star status. He also became addicted to drugs. 

Jay Haizlip’s Wife and Wedding Details

Jay Haizlip is married to Christy Haizlip. The pair are featured on the Oxygen unscripted television association Preachers of L.A. They currently live in Newport Beach.

His Children

Jay Haizlip has three children (two sons and one daughter) with his wife Christy. They are Paris Haizlip, Baylen Haizlip, and Newt Godfree respectively.

How Old is He?

He was born in 1963 in Gadsen, Alabama, United States. He is currently 60 years old.

Jay Haizlip’s Education


Jay Haizlip’s Career and Personal Life Details

The famous professional skateboarder battled with drug addiction for 12 years. Jay was exposed to drugs and stuff at a very early age. His addiction to crack cocaine left him high and miserable. He was so distressed by the want to do drugs that he was unaware of the stuff he did while on drugs, for eg. one day he took his son into dangerous areas, including crack houses. He used to hallucinate and act crazy at times. 

He surely did rise to new heights of success from skateboarding but his addiction to drugs kept him soaring. Jay’s urge for harsher drugs grew as he rode the wave of pro skating popularity. Skateboarding fans remember him for his aggressive pool skating techniques, which he demonstrated throughout the 1980s, riding alongside Tony Alva and Steve Olson and appearing in magazines like Thrasher.

Then, He got married, had children, and even a stable job however nothing could stop him from doing drugs. After struggling with drugs for several years, one day he met a man who told him about Jesus. Jay made the decision to make Jesus Lord of his life, and he instantly responded to the call on his life to preach the gospel.

Now, in current times, Jay devotes his time to ministering to young people in a way that they can understand. “Get a Grip With Jay Haizlip”, the public school assembly program helps to educate and aware teens. Jay openly shares his experience and knowledge on how he battled and overcome his addiction to drugs.

Pastor Jay has over 20 years of leadership and ministry experience and he still continues to preach a powerful message of hope, purpose, and passion in Christ. He possesses the ability to make the Bible come alive and relevant to today’s generation. He holds a desire is to encourage and engage people to pursue a close intimate relationship with Lord Jesus Christ.

Jay has spoken in churches, school assemblies, and city-wide alternative parties all over the United States and the rest of the world. Jay has visited Haiti, Jamaica, England, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries.

Jay Haizlip’s Net Worth

Pastor Jay is said to have a net worth of around 9 million US dollars. He gains his income through ministering and he is also a TV personality. He starred in movies like ‘Foolishness’, Livin It LA’ and many more. Furthermore, he has made an appearance on The 700 Club, TBN’s Praise the Lord, and in James Dobson’s Focus on the Family publications along with various radio and television news magazine programs. He also starred in the UPRISING reality series and is currently starring in the Oxygen Network’s Preachers Of L.A. docu series. Moreover, he has also written books such as ‘Living In Love’, ‘The Hooked Up Life’, etc which are popular among the people. These are also some extra sources of his earnings.

Jay Haizlip’s Quick Facts

NameJay Haizlip
Age60 years old
BirthplaceGadsen, Alabama, US
SpouseChristy Haizlip (wife)
ChildrenTwo sons and one daughter
CareerSkateboarder, Pastor, TV personality
Net Worth9 million USD

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