Brittany Broski | Net Worth, Age, Husband, & More

In the last four years, the Chinese video-focused app TikTok garnered a great deal of popularity and success across the globe. 

With the app, many people also got the opportunity to earn global recognition overnight. Among such people who became TikTok stars, Brittany Broski is also one.

We might know Broski from one of the viral 2019 TikTok videos, where we can see the TikToker tasting Kombucha tea for the first time and making different facial expressions. 

She initially posted the video on TikTok, but it became viral after someone downloaded it and tweeted it on Gay Twitter. The video became a hit on gay twitter and then found its way to Twitter and Reddit. 

Now, the clip from the video has become one of the most popular reaction images used on social media.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Popular NameKombucha girl
Brittany Broski
Real NameBrittany Alexis Tomlinson
Date of birthMay 10, 1997
Age27 years old
Place of birthDallas, Texas, USA
HometownDallas, Texas, USA
CurrentLos Angeles, California, USA
FatherNot disclosed
MotherNot disclosed
BrotherNot disclosed
SisterNot disclosed
StatusNot disclosed
OccupationComedian and Social media personality
Net worth4 Million USD
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Height5 ft 3 in (160 cm)
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue
Instagram idbrittany_broski

Brittany Broski’s Net Worth

Broski had decent earnings from her job as an assistant at American National Bank & Trust before becoming viral.

After she went viral, she got fired from her job but had support from the TikTok community. The support made her more popular and even brought deals from brands.

With all these deals and popularity on social media, Broski was able to earn a good amount of money.

In 2020, she had around 4 million USD as her net worth, which has increased in the last year.

Family and Parents

Broski has not disclosed anything about her parents or family because of privacy issues.

She has posted her brother and sister on her Instagram only once. But even here, she did not disclose their identity.

So, no one knows anything about her family background or personal life.

Brittany Broski’s Boyfriend and Relationship

Similar to her personal life, Broski has also kept her love life away from the eyes of the public.

So, people are still not sure whether she is dating someone or is happily single.


Broski has yet to share details of her early high school days and the institute she attended as a kid and teenager.

However, she has shared that she went to Texas A&M college after high school to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication. She completed college with magna cum laude honors.


The 27 year-old TikTok star worked here and there in multiple sectors before becoming a sensation in the internet.

She initially worked as a Sales Associate for Claire’s Inc before moving to Pretty Brown Girl Foundation as its brand ambassador.

In both of these places, she worked for a few months before changing her field of interest to media.

Broski then did an internship in K-Star Radio, and after it was over, she joined Goosehead Insurance Agency to work as a service agent.

She worked for the agency for nine months and then left to work for the American National Bank & Trust as Trust Assitant.

She was already working for the Bank for more than two years when her video went viral.

After the video of her tasting the Kombucha tea went viral, her employees showed their concern that her popularity might affect the establishment. So they fired her.

Within a week of being fired, Broski moved to LA with fellow social media influencer Sarah Schauer, who came to the limelight through Vine.

Schauer also got fired the same week Broski got fired, and after getting fired, she tweeted about moving to LA.

In response, Broski slid into her DM and inquired if Schauer needed a roommate and the rest is history.

The duo then started living together and even created content for the YouTube channel.

While in LA, in the beginning, Broski made her living by signing deals with brands. Later, she gained popularity even on her YouTube channel and became one of the established YouTubers and social media personalities.

She also co-hosted the podcast Violating Community Guidelines produced by STudio71 with Schauer.

The podcast received a good response and added more popularity to the exciting stardom of the social media influencer.

Besides working with Saucer, Broski also worked with many other social media personalities like Trixie, Katya, etc.

Broski did theater growing up and even acted for the local production of The Addams Family, Bus Stop, etc. 

She continued acting even during high school and college in the improv troupes. 

Now Broski is finally doing what she wanted from the start and even has built a successful career for herself.


Broski became part of a controversy in 2020 when she referred to the phrases belonging to African American Vernacular English as internet culture in one of her videos. 

She shared that she felt like the slang belonged to the internet culture. 

For it, she faced massive backlash from the online community. 

After the backlash, Broski deleted the video and apologized for not being well educated on the issue.

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