Nina Conti | Net Worth, Bio, Parents, & Husband

Nina Margarita Conti, aged 50 is a famous British actress, comedian and ventriloquist. She is one of the few female ventriloquists in the world. 

A British Comedy Award winner, Nina is popular for all the talents that she has within her. 

Let’s find out more about this super-talented British personality through the article below. 

Nina Conti Age

Born on the 5th of June in the year 1974, Nina Conti is currently 50 years old. Astrologically, her horoscope is a Gemini.

Early Life and Family Details

Nina was born on June 5, 1974, in the city of Hampstead, in London, United Kingdom. She was born to her father Tom Conti and mother Kara Wilson. 

As a child, she had a normal childhood filled with experiences and love. Nina Conti is an only child of her parents, hence she was loved and pampered well. 

She had an interest in acting from an early age since her father Tom Conti was also an actor. 

Educational Background

Actress Nina was academic and very talented. She attended King Alfred School in London as a child, whereas later as an adult, she graduated from the University of East Anglia with a first-class honors degree in philosophy. 

Nina Conti: Career

Nina’s acting career started when she joined the Royal Shakespeare Company while looking for a platform to showcase her talent. It was the year 1196 when it all began. She worked with Ken Campbell and many other actors throughout the beginning phase of her career. 

Ken Campbell, her co-star, and a very popular actor was the one who motivated Nina and introduced her to the Ventriloquism world. 

Ken portrayed ‘Let Me Out!’, a ventriloquist played to her which made her more interested in ventriloquism and stuff. In 2001, Nina took the same play to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe where people admired her for her work. 

Likewise, in the year 2005, Nina got an opportunity to voice over an animated character ‘Latina’ which was featured in an animated comedy series named ‘Bromwell High’. 

However, Nina’s official television appearance started in 2002 when she was offered several roles in Black Books and Holby City. She even got honored with the BBC Comedy Awards in 2002 for her phenomenal work. After this, she came into the limelight and got a lot of offers in her hand. 

Nina played ‘Mary’ in a series named Single in 2003. Likewise, she continuously worked in various series, plays, and so on such as Bromwell High, Blunder, The Golf War, and many more. 

In 2008, Nina got another award, the Barry Award for her outstanding performance on her solo full-length show named Complete and Utter Conti. 

After the following year, in 2009, Nina introduced her new puppet which she named Granny. The name referred to some Scotswoman who reminded her of her grandmother. ‘Granny’ is one of the most loved puppets that Nina owns.

In 2012, she once again won an award for the ‘Best Performance’ category in the Maverick Movie Awards. Nina’s career was at its peak in those years as she was engaged in many projects and events. 

Nina Conti: Net Worth and Income

Nina has been able to earn a handful of decent money through her career as an entertainer. She has an estimated net worth of over 2.5 million US Dollars. Her primary sources of income and earnings are her multiple careers as an actress, ventriloquist, and comedian. 

Nina Conti’s Husband and Relationship Status

Currently, Nina Conti is living a single life. She is not involved in any type of affairs or romantic relationship with anyone. 

However, in the past, during the beginning of her career, Ninan dated Ken Campbell, who was a reputed actor and comedian. He was the one who taught Nina about Ventriloquism and Comedy lines. 

But unfortunately, they got separated. Adding more to this, Ken Campbell is no more with us in the present context.

After Ken, Nina was in a marital relationship with Andrew Stan Stanley who is also a Comedian. However, details about their marriage have not been disclosed to the public to date. The couple has two children together namely Arthur Stanley and Drummond Stanley. 

Nina and Andrew have separated their paths due to uncertain circumstances.

Quick Facts

Full NameNina Margarita Conti
Nick NameNina Conti, Nina
Date of Birth25th August 1973
Birth PlaceHampstead, London
Age50 years old
Zodiac SignGemini
ParentsTom Conti and Kara Wilson
EducationKing Alfred School and University of East Anglia
SpouseAndrew Stan Stanley (ex-husband)
ChildrenTwo sons ( Arthur Stanley and Drummond Stanley)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown
Height1.7 meters
WeightAround 50 kgs
CareerComedian, Actress, Ventriloquist
Net WorthOver 2.5 million US Dollars

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