5ive Mics’s Real Name, Age, Bio, Girlfriend, Net Worth & Family

Born as Anthony Strong, 5ive Mics is an American rapper and internet personality hailing from Brooklyn, New York.

While he’s been making moves in the Hip-hop scene for over a decade, His rise to fame was marked by his frequent association with notable figures in the music industry, such as T.I, Jim Jones, Fat Joe, and his noteworthy relationship with fellow New York rapper and actress, Lil Mama.

This article takes a closer look at 5 Mics’ early days, education, and the hurdles he faced – from homelessness to his journey from rags to riches.

What is 5ive Mics’s Real Name?

5ive Mics’s real name is Anthony Strong. He was born in the year 1984 in Brooklyn, New York.

How old is 5ive Mics?

5ive Mics is 40 years old. He was born on May 16, 1984, in Killen, Texas.

5ive Mics’s Wiki Summary

Name 5 mics/5ive Mics
Real NameAnthony Strong
Birth Year1984
Birth PlaceKillen, Texas
HometownBrooklyn, NY, United States
Birth SignTaurus
EthnicityAfro American
GirlfriendLil Mama
Height 6 ft 2 inches

5ive Mics’ Early Life, Education & Struggles

Education QualificationHigh School Dropout 
Elementary School Ps 316 Elijah Stroud
Middle SchoolJackie Robinson School
High SchoolAbraham Lincoln High School

5ive Mics was born in a Texas army base, Fort Cavazos (formerly Fort Hood), and moved to Brooklyn, New York, at three months old. His Aunt Carmen adopted him because his mom was only 13 when she had him.

Growing up in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights, 5 Mics had a simple childhood but hit the streets as young as 12. Engaging in various activities, he got a firsthand taste of street life.

He attended Ps 316 Elijah Stroud for elementary education and later enrolled in Jackie Robinson School. Sports, particularly basketball, held a special place in his heart. He played for the Abraham Lincoln High School basketball team and even secured an athlete scholarship at Syracuse University.

However, his life took a challenging turn with the traumatic loss of his mother. Struggling to cope with the pain, he went astray from his educational path, eventually dropping out of high school and never graduating.

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Homelessness, Addiction & Peddling Drugs to Get by

After his mother’s death, life turned upside down for 5 Mics. The loss left him devastated, abruptly transitioning from having a caring mother and a place to call home to a life of homelessness. He found himself wandering the streets and sleeping in train stations, grappling with the harsh realities of his new circumstances. During this challenging period, he became entangled with drugs, particularly Phencyclidine (PCP), and even turned to peddling substances.

Seeking a change, he left Brooklyn for Connecticut, where he made fairly good money selling drugs. However, an arrest warrant loomed over him, and with his associates facing legal troubles, he decided to escape potential incarceration.

His journey led him southward, first to Orlando, Florida, where he spent a year, and then to Atlanta, Georgia. It was in Atlanta that 5ive Mics earnestly delved into music.

5ive Mic’s Music Career

With nearly two decades in the game, 5ive Mics has been in the game for a very long period. Early on, he grappled with the struggle to get his music noticed, but his persistence paid off. Building connections with industry heavyweights like T.I., Jim Jones, Fat Joe, Lil Duval, and Math Hoffa played a pivotal role in shaping his journey.

Setting himself apart from the drill music trend, he embraces an old-school boom-bap style, emphasizing the authentic East Coast sound. In his view, this real hip-hop vibe has been overshadowed by the rapid ascent of drill music. His tracks echo the traditional elements of East Coast music, with a subtle infusion of West Coast flavor.

In the early days, 5 Mics often featured in others’ songs, gradually transitioning to drop his mixtapes and singles in the 2010s. Early drops include ‘Haters Want Me Clapped,’ ‘Been Rich,’ and ‘Superstitious’. More recently, releases such as ‘Ain’t Stressing,’ ‘New New York,’ ‘Going Shopping,’ and ‘Bestuy’.

5ive Mics Girlfriend

5ive Mics is in a relationship with Lil Mama. They both took it to their Instagram to make their relationship public. The couple often posts about each other on their Instagram. The pair was rumored to be dating back in May when Lil Mama hopped on his 2022 song, “Bedstuy.” The chemistry between them was evident, further highlighted by their cozy moments in the accompanying music video.

5ive Mics Rags to Riches Story

When 5ive Mics’ then-girlfriend grew frustrated with his struggling rap career, she insisted he find a job. This eventually led to their breakup, and he found himself kicked out of the house. In an unexpected turn, the brother of his ex-girlfriend reached out, inviting him to Los Angeles. Initially dismissive, 5ive Mics later reconsidered while in California.

To his surprise, the brother presented him with a tempting endorsement deal for Tiger Beer, valued at 100 grand. The deal included 20 grand in cash and the rest in shares. Despite skepticism from those around him, 5ive Mics opted for the mixed arrangement against suggestions to take an all-cash deal.

In the subsequent years, 5 Mics faced ongoing financial struggles as an artist, focusing on building his career while overlooking the potential value of the shares. It wasn’t until three years later that the brother reached out again, revealing that the shares had skyrocketed in value to a staggering 14 million.

With newfound financial stability, 5ive Mics liquidated some shares, settling debts, and redirected funds to invest in both his music and various business ventures. Now, he owns hip-hop-themed pizzerias in Williamsburg and Brooklyn. Besides, he owns a record label called Drop Records.

Net Worth: How much is 5ive Mics Worth?

According to sources, 5ive Mics is worth around 8 million Dollars in 2024. He is able to enjoy such a substantial amount of wealth through his early investment in a beer company. Besides, he also owns several businesses including pizzerias in New York.

Little Known Facts About 5ive Mics

  • 5ive Mics Lived in Atlanta, Georgia for 17 years.
  • Comedian Mike Epps helped him out giving him three thousand dollars when 5ive Mics was struggling in LA.
  • 5ive Mics’ dad served a life sentence for 20 years.
  • 5 Mics went from homelessness to riches overnight, becoming a multi-millionaire.
  • 5ive Mics resorted to peddling drugs as a means to make ends meet.

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