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SosMula, whose real name is Vinicius Sosa, is an emerging rapper and Hip-hop artist from São Paulo, Brazil. While on the streets, his gang member gave him the name Sos because of his last name. He then added money to Sos and called himself SosMoney as he needed money.

Later, he went to jail and changed his name to SosMula, as mula is slang for money.

SosMula was initially a thug who was active in selling drugs and even in the robbery. He went to jail multiple times for different charges and for violating parole before turning his life for the better.

He met his musical partner Zilla Kami just a day after leaving prison and started their musical career at City Morgue. The duo created and performed various songs underground before meeting the producer Traxx. They worked together and got their breakthrough with their song SHINNERS13.

Quick Wiki (Bio, Age, Birthday, Height, Ethnicity, and More)

Popular NameSosMula
Real NameVinicius Sosa
Date of birthApril 19, 1994
Age30 years old
Place of birthSão Paulo, Brazil
HometownSpanish Harlem, Manhattan, USA
Current ResidenceBrooklyn, New York, USA
FatherPaul Sosa
MotherAnna Lima 
SiblingsNot disclosed
DaughterNot disclosed
OccupationHip-hop artist and Rapper
Net worth2 Million USD
Height6 feet 3 inches
Weight85 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Instagram idsosmula

How Old Is SosMula?

Rapper SosMula is 30 years old. He was born on April 19, 1994. However, he looks quite older than that.

How Tall is SosMula?

SosMula is 6 feet 3 inches tall. We have found his height and date of birth on his driver’s license.

Is SosMula Mexican?

No, he has Brazillian heritage.


Who are SosMula’s Parents?

His dad’s name is Paul Sosa and his mom’s name is Anna Lima. They are both Brazillian.

He says his dad is a gangster and he was a drug addict. SosMula’s mom runs a tattoo shop in New York. Rapper Righteous P worked at her tattoo shop and even the Zillakami met him through her shop.

Once Sos put his mom’s picture on his Instagram story as she ate an edible.

In his song “Everything is Broken”, he sang a verse, “Mama, she a wh*re, dad a drug addict (What?)”.

SosMula’s Net Worth and Earnings

SosMula is an energetic young rapper making a name in the music industry.

With his musical partner and producer, he has released several hits that have helped him earn a lot of fame and fortune.

By the end of last year, SosMula had around 2 million USD as his net worth, which will increase in the coming years.

SosMula’s Early Life, Parents, and Family

The hip-hop artist was born in Brazil but grew up in the USA.

He moved to the USA with his parents when he was two.

The family settled down in Manhattan.

His father used to work in construction, while his mother worked in a tattoo parlor.

His family lived in the Lower East Side of Manhattan until he was twelve before moving to the Upper Side in the Spanish Harlem neighborhood.

After the move to Spanish Harlem, everything took a turn for the worse.

His parents separated, and his mother returned to Brazil, leaving him all to himself as his father was always busy with work.

As a result, SosMula turned to the streets to get some support and got into bad company.

By the age of thirteen, he was already in a gang doing robbery and selling drugs.

His first encounter with police was for a gun charge at fifteen when he fired in a public place.

Fortunately, no one got hurt, and he was released on bail.

SosMula started working in construction after the incident, but after working there for a week, he realized it was not for him.

So, he returned to selling drugs and went to jail for the first time when he was seventeen.

He got out after serving eighteen months and returned for violating parole.

He kept coming out and going to jail many times until he was caught with drugs in 2013 during a house raid.

This time he got detained and fought legally for two years only to get a jail time of fifteen months.

He got out of jail in 2016, and this time he was determined to change his ways of life.

He then met ZillaKami as he was friends with Righteous P, the elder brother of ZillaKami.

The two found the same passion for songs and making music as a duo.

Since then, SosMula has worked actively in the music industry and has made a name for himself.

Who is SosMula’s Girlfriend?

The hip-hop artist is dating the popular Clermont twins Shannon.


Shannon and her twin sister Shannade Clermont are models, fashion designers, and television personalities. They went to the fourteenth season of the reality TV series Bad Girls Club in 2015. Shannon and her twin had plastic surgery (Botox plump lips, nose jobs, and bleached skin) in 2016.

Her joint Instagram account @clermonttwins has over 1.8 million followers.

He also has an adorable daughter from his previous relationship.


SosMula is a high school graduate.

He has yet to share the details of his high school, but he has shared that he has a high school degree from a private school.

Career in Music

SosMula had a thing for music since he was a kid.

He used to collect CDs and even performed while he was in 4th grade.

He began rapping and writing songs when he was thirteen and in seventh grade.

However, growing up, he got involved in a gang and started selling drugs.

Despite all these, the musical artist used to rap here and there. 

One of his friends, Woozy, took notice of his rapping skills and advised him to do it seriously.

He only took the advice after Woozy got shot during a police encounter in 2012.

It became a crucial point for SosMula in turning his life for good.

While trying to change his life, he met Righteous P and stayed in touch with him even after going to jail.

When SosMula completed his jail time in 2017, he met ZillaKami, the younger brother of Righteous P.

It was an instant connection as the two started making music and performing in the underground scene.

They also uploaded their music on online platforms and gained a good response.

After gathering fans online, they met the record producer Bouadallah Sami Nehari, or Traxx, and started working together.

The trio then gave many hits to the music industry, such as Sk8 Head, SHINNERS13, etc.

SosMula became a known name in the music industry and got many other offers.

He collaborated with many other artists, including the TikTok star Kim Dracula.

Besides this, he also garnered many followers and subscribers on social media.

Popular Songs

Zillakami and SosMula collaborated to form the “City Morgue” duo and released the song “Shinners 13″ in 2018 which has over 15 million views on YouTube. They have worked together to create so many hits including “SK8 Head“, “Nitro Cell“, “Draino“, “DAWG“, “33RD Blakk Glass“, “The Electric Experience“, and more.

His popular individual songs are MIX N MATCH, YAKUZA 2000, ROBOCOP, SNAP, SPIDER LEGS, and GIMME DAT.

His latest release in 2023 was STICKS ON STICKS which he released by collaborating with rapper Synthetic.

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