Shenon Moore’s Wife, Siblings, Parents, & Family

Shenon Moore is the half-brother of the Emmy Award winner, Shemar Moore. He and Shemar share the same father, Sherrod Moore but have different mothers. While Shemar is Sherrod’s son from his first marriage, Shenon is from his second marriage. Shenon has three more siblings other than Shamer.

Initially, Shenon tried following his big brother, Shemar’s footsteps in modeling, but luck did not work in his favor. However, he did not give up and took another approach. Currently, he is working in the United States Air Force. 

Biography & Wiki

Popular NameShenon Moore
Real NameShenon Moore
Date of birth1990
Age34 years old
Place of birthJapan
FatherSherrod Moore
MotherNobuko Takahashi Moore
Step-motherMarilyn Joan Wilson-Moore
Half-brotherShemar Franklin Moore
SistersSheburra Moore-Haugsness and
Kosheno Moore- Takahashi
BrothersRomeo Moore
OccupationFormer personal trainer
Net worthUnknown
Height5.9 ft (179.8 cm)
Weight87 kgs
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Instagram idshenon_moore
YouTubeShenon Moore

Shenon Moore Net Worth

In the past, Shenon had a career as a personal trainer. But, he left that career and is now working in the Air force.

So, he must have a good earning from his current career.

Shenon Moore Family, Parents, Siblings, and Personal Life

Shenon might be the brother of the Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore, but they have lived a completely different life.

While his half-brother Shemar was born in Oakland, California, he and his siblings were born in Japan. His father, Sherrod, married his stepmother, Marilyn, before marrying his mother, Nobuko. 

Sherrod was of African-American heritage, while Marilyn was a Canadian- French descendent. They fell in love and got married in the time when interracial marriages were not as acceptable as it is today. However, they could not handle the pressure of marrying into different races, and their marriage fell apart.

Sherrod was not a good husband to Marilyn and even had to serve time in San Quentin for four years for mistreating her. Due to various family problems, Marilyn left with her son, Shemar, and moved to Bahrain, then to Denmark.

While Marilyn moved to Denmark, Sherrod moved to Japan with his second wife, Nobuko. Sherrod wanted to save his children from the discrimination against the black community.

Sherrod and Nobuko had four children together, two boys and two girls. They raised their children in Japan until they were able to decide their future themselves.

Shenon was born in Japan and was there till the age of four, until they moved to Honolulu, Hawaii. He lived there for the next fourteen years and moved to Spokane, Washington when he reached eighteen.

Initially, he tried modeling like his elder brother, but that did not work out for him. So, he then started working as a personal trainer for athletes. He was doing a great job as a trainer but decided to join the Airforce, where he is currently working.

While Shenon was still in his struggling days, Shemar was already a successful model and actor. Shemar was part of many hit series like The Young And The Restless, S.W.A.T., etc. He even won eight NAACP Image Awards for his acting.

Shemar not only made his wide but also helped his father, Sherrod, out. He brought Sherrod a place to live and made sure he was living well.

However, Sherrod died at the age of seventy-eight in December 2019. Just after a few months of his death, Marilyn also took her last breath in February 2020 at seventy-six due to multiple sclerosis and a heart condition.

While Shenon lost his dad, Shemar lost both of his parents. Now, the only parent the five siblings have is Nobuko, a Los Angeles-based multicultural educator, and writer.

Shenon Moore Girlfriend and Relationship

Shenon is a bachelor and is not seeing anyone at this moment.

He keeps his life private and does not share much so, no linkups or any previous relationship has been out to the public.

Education and High School

Shenon spent his early childhood and teenage years in Honolulu, where he went to the local high schools for his early schooling.

He went to two high schools to complete his schooling. He initially was in Kaiser High School then transferred to Kapolei High School.

When his high school was over, he joined the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) to become a certified trainer.

Once he got his certificate, he initially joined Whitworth University but later transferred to Southern Nevada.

He was transferring from college to college as he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. It led him to more colleges and courses.

He then enrolled in The Art Institute, but even this wasn’t what he wanted to do. So, he finally joined the Nevada School of Massage Therapy.


Shenon wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life. Initially, he tried modeling, but he didn’t have the luck of his elder brother, Shemar.

When his initial plans didn’t work out, he worked here and there. He also worked at the Encore Beach Club to meet his end.

But he realized that he wanted to be a professional trainer instead. For this, he even took certification courses from NASM and TRX Suspensions and started to work in athletic clubs in Los Angeles.

While he was working as a trainer, he applied for the US Air force. He got accepted there and is serving at the Air force department to this date.

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