Shane Pannell Net Worth, Education, Family & Career

Shane Pannell | Net Worth, Education, Family & Career

Shane Pannell is an entrepreneur who introduced his invention called ‘Sweep Easy’, a broom that makes it easier to clean floors in ‘Shark Tank, an American reality television program for securing business deals with entrepreneurs.

Shane is a stay-at-home dad who one day created an innovation handy and applicable for housewives and househusbands. 

Shane Pannell: Age

Shane’s date of birth has not been disclosed yet. However, through his photos and videos, people are predicting that he might be in his early 50s at current times.

Shane Pannell: Early Life and Family Details

Shane is a lowkey person who does not share much about his personal life and events. Hence, no information regarding this section has been disclosed yet. 

Shane Pannell: Educational Background

Shane Pannell seems to be a very smart person. Though the exact information about his education has not been revealed yet, it is quite sure that he has achieved a good level of education. 

Shane Pannell: Career

Shane Pannell got his first recognition and kick-off in his career through his appearance on the American TV reality show ‘Shark Tank’. ‘Shark Tank’ is a show that provides entrepreneurs with a chance to secure business deals.

Shane appeared in episode 6 of the second season of the show ‘Shark Tank’. Shane received 80 thousand dollars which is exactly double what he asked from Kevin Herrington and Daymond John. 

Shane in an interview shared that he got the idea of inventing SweepEasy when he was scraping food off the floor with a butter knife. A sudden idea of making the scarping thing easy and fun hit his mind and that’s how we got SweepEasy. 

In the TV show ‘Shark Tank’, all the judges and audiences were impressed with this innovation and creativity.

After the show, Shane sold his products to many restaurants, theatres, stores and even put up an online website for selling. SweepEasy is available in three different colors and is very affordable. 

It is rumored that Shane released a new and better version of SweepEasy in the year 2017. He improved the scrapper and put on an easy-to-use button for the release and retract of the scrapper.

In addition to that, a dustbin with a handle was also released to make it easy for the users to collect the dirt.

Shane Pannell: What is SweepEasy?

SweepEasy is a modern and world’s first innovative broom that is built with a deployable or retractable scraper. The slogan of SweepEasy that goes ‘Prevent Injuries, Save Time, and Clean Better’ clears it all about this creative broom.

SweepEasy helps to clean and remove all kinds of mess such as glue, gum, wax, stickers, food stains, or any other stains easily just by scraping and sweeping. Plus, it is a convenient and easy-to-use device. 

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Shane Pannell: Net Worth

The sponsors from the TV show ‘Shark Tank’ promised that they would help Shane to get a net worth of estimated 12 million dollars. However, Pannell’s actual net worth is not available on the web. His primary source of income is his innovation, the ‘SweepEasy’. 

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