Rapper OMB JayDee’s Age, Real Name, Father, Net Worth, Arrest, & Biography

Born as Jayquan Wise on March 28, 2000, in Brownsville, Brooklyn, OMB Jaydee, also known as Jay Dee, is a prominent American rapper known for his unique style and impactful lyrics.

He has given so many hits like Blixky Inna Box, Welcome To The Party, Enough is Enough, and Subliminals.

Many NYC rappers feel he is at a whole other lyrical level compared to those riding the drill wave in the city.

Despite facing challenges, his journey in the music industry has been noteworthy. Here’s an in-depth look at his life, career, family, crime charges, arrests, and the controversies surrounding him.

Early Life

OMB Jaydee spent his formative years in the streets of Brownsville, New York, where he discovered his passion for music.

Raised in a neighborhood influenced by gang culture, he faced difficulties, especially with his father, known as G5 Realz, being in and out of jail.

When he was a kid, he loved playing basketball and he he claims he was quite good at it.

At the age of 11, he started writing lyrics. There is also a video of him rapping and his parents and friends supporting him in the background. He was 12 years old at that time.

What is His Real Name?

OMB Jay Dee’s real name is Jayquan Wise.

How old is OMB Jay Dee?

OMB Jay Dee is 24 years old. He was born on March 28, 2000.


March 28

Is He a Muslim?

Although there are rumors that he is Muslim, he has clarified that he is not a Muslim. He follows Christianity.

Formation of OMB

He formed a rap group and named it Original Montana Boys.

OMB originally stood for Original Montana Boys, but later they changed it to Only My Brothers.

The group consisted of OMB Jay Dee, OMB Jayy Savv, and OMB Mellz.

Family, Parents, and Siblings

His father and mother are quite supportive of his music career since the beginning.

He has an elder sister whom he loves to death.

His Father G5 Realz is a Rapper


His father G5 Realz is also a rapper. Although he is not as popular as Jaydee, he has a few songs with decent views.

Some of his songs are Brim Time – G5 Realz ft. Q Banger, Die 4 It – G5 Realz ft. Gucc Money, Really Ride, and Love is Fake. He also has his own YouTube channel named Realz Talk_TV.

His father G5 Realz’s real name is Jimmy Wise.

He and his father have a best-friend kind of relationship. His father encouraged him to pursue a career in music.

Jimmy looks quite young and he celebrates his birthday on May 16.

Although he is so close to his father, he did not get much chance to stay close with his father since G5 Realz was coming in and out of jail time and again. He had no proper guidance and had to do all on his own.

His father was a well-known member of the Bloods gang. Last time, Jimmy got released from jail on October 20, 2023.

JayDee also has an uncle named Devon Wise.

His Mother


His mom Arabia S Gilchrist lives in Brooklyn, New York.

She went to T Wingate Andrews High School.

She is so happy as he made something out of his rapping career.

He has a Sister


OMB JayDee has an elder sister named Stasíaa Mulánn. She was born on September 16, 1998.

Both of them show a lot of love to each other.

His Grandmother Died in 2022


His grandmother Rose Wise died from cancer on November 30, 2022, at the age of sixty-three. She was born on September 30, 1959.

She lived in Augusta, Atlanta Georgia and his father Jimmy used to regularly visit her.

His maternal grandmother Annette Gilchrist passed away in February 2018.

Switching From Bloods Gang to The Crip

Since the majority of people in his hood including his father were Bloods Gang members, he was ultimately one of them. But, later he joined The Crip.

Music Journey

At the age of 11, Jaydee began writing lyrics, laying the foundation for his future in the music industry. He started gaining attention with his first track, “Ready or Not Freestyle,” released on February 4, 2015.

In his early raps, he talked about his pain and struggle.

He met Dutch producer Yamaica and released “Who Knew” along with Jayy Savv on July 30, 2016. This UK Drill Type Beat was shot by Man Films.

Starting His Career Away From The Group OMB

His friend Dee Jayy Savv was arrested and JayDee had to take OMB forward all on his own. He then released his first single “OppMix” on July 9th, 2017.

Who are His Influencers?

He was influenced by artists like Lil Durk, Chief Keef, G Herbo, and YFN Lucci.

When Did He Start Taking Music Seriously?

When he turned 18 years old, his grandma died and his father was locked up at that time. At that time, his family pushed him to be more serious about music. And his viral, “Blixky Inna Box” made him realize how talented he is. He then started taking rap game seriously.

Breakthrough, Songs, and Career

In March 2018, Jaydee achieved viral success with the song “Blicky Inna Box,” collaborating with Fivio Foreign and Dee Savv. The track, released through Flowtastic TV, garnered over 9 million views on YouTube.

He then released “Enough is Enough” on June 23, 2018, with AXL Beats through Bliggity Visions. The song has over 2 million views.

Jay Dee and Fivio Foreign again collaborated to release another hit “Gimmie Dat” on November 13, 2018, which also has over 2.4 million views to date.

He has also worked with another rising rapper Rich Nunu to release songs like “Case Closed” and “Counted Out“.

Here is the list of his songs.

Blixky Inna Box
Fivio Foreign
ABC News
Gimmie Dat
Famous and Dangerous
Poppa Jiggy
CREMATE (Run Outta Lucc)
Fox 5
Welcome to the Party (Remix)
Woo Gang
GDK Part 2
Hit The Ground
Triple O (EBK)
Free Gutta
Not a Game
Shoot or Get Hit
Enough is Enough
Dead Mans
One Shot Done
O’z Did (God Did Freestyle)
Love Fake
1 Step 2 Step
Shotz Fired
Heavy on it “48”
Blixky K
Legendary Freestyle
Aim Higher
Who Knew
Exposing Me (Remix)
16 Shots
Blixky Inna Box (bonus)

Approached by Record Labels Including an 800,000 USD Deal

Earlier, a few labels approached him as he was getting millions and millions of views. But he claimed that they just tried to spin him and favored somebody else before him. So he did not sign with any record labels.

Before 2022, he had gotten three offers including offers from Steven Victor and Warns Bros. He even got offered a record label deal of $800,00.

OMB JayDee’s Net Worth and Earnings

The 24-year-old rapper has an estimated net worth of $300,000. Although he has not met the expectations of his fans when it comes to success, he still has managed to create so many hit songs and earned a decent amount of money.

King Von Called Him

Once King Von called him to his studio. But he just ignored the hospitality as he had just gotten out of jail and wanted to cope with what was happening in his life.

Legal Issues, Charges, and Arrests

JayDee faced legal troubles, including gun possession and alleged rape charges in February 2020.

He was arrested for gun possessions and alleged rape on February 5,  2020, along with 34 other gang members of rival WOOO and Choo gangs.

He was locked up for 9 months from February 2020.

The NYPD’s gang squad has been investigating these gangs since February 2018.

According to the indictment on July 13, 2018, members of the WOO gang went to Brooklyn Supreme Court following the court appearance of Jay Dee and engaged in verbal and physical disputes with rival gang members in Fulton Mall, and even gun firing occurred. One opposite gang member and two innocent bystanders were shot in that incident.

Despite being associated with the WOOO (which stands for We On Our Own) gang, he left the group in September 2020.

Rape Charges

JayDee and his friend Tyquan Ellison were charged with first-and second-degree rape for having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

OMB JayDee strongly denies rape allegations, insisting they’re an attempt to damage his reputation. He states according to the indictment, the incident supposedly occurred in July 2019, but he was in jail for probation violation from June to August 2019.

He contends that authorities have yet to disclose the identity of the alleged victim to him.

JayDee plans to sue, claiming the charges are false.

Fivio Foreign Paid For His Trial

Rapper Fivio Foreign paid 25,000 bail amount to get him out of jail. He also paid JayDee’s father’s partial bail amount of $8,000.

But OMB and Fivio don’t talk anymore.

Death of His Close Friend OMB Mellz

His friend OMB Mellz aka Boomer was Killed at 18 years old. JayDee, Mell,z, and some other friends were arrested in February 2020 and were serving the jail.

OMB Mellz was bailed out on bond and in July 2020, he was shot dead outside a local hotel in New Jersey.

Who is His Baby Mama?

OMB JayDee faces criticism for consistently engaging in social media drama with his baby mama, Kima Loso.

He even said they were planning to start a podcast together. He spitted out this information in his interview with PPhilms.


Her full name is Jakima Loso and she celebrates her birthday on June 28. She went to Wingate High School in Brooklyn.

Her father’s name is Jaazer Leggett and Weymond Folk. She also has an uncle named Chuckster Leggett Jr.

She has worked at Bloomingdale’s NY 59th Street, True Religion Brand Jeans, Juicy Couture, and Victoria’s Secret Pink. Kima Loso also has a short modeling career.

Details on His Son Jelani

Jaydee’s personal life has had its share of ups and downs. His son became a source of motivation, and he expressed the challenges faced during his jail time, emphasizing the joy of finally meeting his son upon release.


His son Jelani was born on February 13, 2019, and he is already 05 years old. He started going to school on September 06, 2022.

Everyone calls him Lani.

Where Does He Live Now?

He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Education and Schooling

Some news outlets and his social media hints that he studied at Wingate High School in Brooklyn from kindergarten to grade Eight. And then he went to Aspirations Diploma Plus High School.


He is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Music Career and Fallouts

His music career includes collaborations with prominent artists, but fallouts with some, like Fivio Foreign, affected relationships within the industry. JayDee’s decision not to sign with record labels and his late entry into YouTube were strategic moves to have control over his earnings.

Where is He Now?

As of 2024, OMB JayDee is serving his jail sentence. He is on a 5-year sentence.

Whenever he is out, he remains active in the music scene. Despite controversies and legal battles, he continues to produce music independently, with a dedicated following supporting his journey.

Find Him Here

Contact him through emails here – therealombjaydee@gmail.com

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