Pyrocynical | Girlfriend, Net Worth, Family, Career, & Controversies

Niall Comas, or Pyrocynical, is a popular YouTuber known for his commentary and analysis of videos on different trends. He started his YouTube channel in July 2013 and posted MLG montage parodies, but since 2015, he changed his vlogs to commentary-style videos.

Pyrocynical is considered one of the pioneer YouTubers who decided to upload vlogs on commentary formats. Since adopting the commentary format, he has uploaded many videos.

He has also worked with other fellow YouTubers like NFKRZ. His success with his YouTube channel has also earned him some voice-acting jobs in video games and other platforms.

Quick Bio

Popular NamePyrocynical
Real NameNiall Comas
Date of birthMay 14, 1997
Age27 years old
Place of birthHertfordshire, England
Current ResidenceSheffield, South Yorkshire, England
FatherNot disclosed
MotherNot disclosed
SiblingsNot disclosed
StatusIn a relationship
Ex-GirlfriendHyojin Choi
OccupationYouTuber and Voice Actor
Net worth1 Million USD
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Height5 ft 10 in (177 cm)
Weight65 kg
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown
Instagram idpyrocynical

Pyrocynical’s Girlfriend and Relationship – Who is He Dating?

Pyrocynical was in a serious relationship with fellow YouTuber Hyojin Choi, who goes by Squizzy.

Choi is an animator known for her speed-paint videos. 

The two started dating in 2016 and parted ways after dating for two years.

Though the real reason for the breakup is not out, Choi is often known for her toxic and abusive relations and might also be one of the reasons behind it.


After ending things with Choi, Pyrocynical has been in an on-and-off relationship with another girl named Ida, best known online as Daflummify.

The two had a complicated relationship between 2019 and 2020. However, the couple has resolved the differences and is happily together.

They often post pictures with each other on their Instagram.

Ida, nicknamed Secret Corgi, is an animator artist. She is an 18+ fatfur/NSFW artist. She is Swedish and she celebrates her birthday on March 19.

Total Net Worth of Pyrocynical

By the start of 2024, the YouTuber had a net worth of around 1 million USD.

His popularity had made him a household name and earned him a ton of money.

Pyrocynical has been actively uploading different content on his YouTube channel since July 2013.

He is one of the popular YouTubers who have around 4.74 million subscribers.

His most popular video

Family Details

The 27 year-old social media personality was born in Hertfordshire, England.

He grew up in the same place along with his siblings.

Though he has kept the identities of his family a secret for privacy concerns, he has shared that his father runs his own business, and his mother is a homemaker.

Besides these, he has not shown the desire to share more details about his family or personal life.


Pyrocynical completed his high school at one of the local private schools in his hometown.

However, after high school, there is no record mentioning that he went to college.

Career in YouTube, Twitch, and Voice Acting

Pyrocynical started his career on YouTube in July of 2013 with his MLG montage parodies.

He posted parodies and other content for a few years before switching to commentary and analysis videos in 2015.

He is one of the very first YouTubers to have used the commentary format for his videos.

He often posted commentary and analysis videos on different trends but later started making the same content on more commercialized topics like movies, TV shows, games, and books.

Along with YouTube, he even became active on Twitch.

He even acquired a partnership with Twitch recently but lost it this May, leading to the removal of his subscription button.

Twitch explained the end of the partnership was because of the unfair behavior of the YouTuber.

Pyrocynical was already rejected by Twitch EMEA when he approached Twitch North America, which the company saw as an unacceptable act, and ended his partnership with them.

The YouTuber later explained that the end of the partnership was one of the best incidents as he was now solely focused on YouTube.

His fans loved his return to YouTube, as he already had more than 4.7 million subscribers.

He was also happy to have returned to his crowd, whom he often refers to as Bruh Army.

Besides running a successful YouTube channel where he has collaborated with and promoted other fellow YouTubers, Pyrocynical also is active as a voice actor.

He has lent his voice to projects like Hunt Down the Freeman, a videogame, and A Series of Tubes.


Pyrocynical is often called a LeafyIsHere clone because of the similarity of his contents with the contents of fellow YouTuber LeafyIsHere.

Pyrocynical responds to these accusations lightly by making videos where he tries to resemble more to LeafyIsHere.

Despite the feud between their fans, the YouTubers claim to be friends and even appeared on Playground Insult Match!  for DramaAlert and collaborated in many other videos.

Though the two YouTubers have been in the same spot on more than one occasion and even have worked together, there are still rumors that LeafyIsHere might not like Pyrocynical.

Fans are still doubtful if Pyrocynical and LefyIsHere have a feud behind the camera, but there is someone who sure has a bitter relationship with Pyrocynical.

Pyrocynical has been in a feud with the online news reporter and fellow YouTuber, Keemstar.

The feud reaches back when Pyrocynical mentioned that Keemstar shared his pictures from his private Facebook though he has not done a face reveal yet.

In response, Keemstar denied all the allegations and shared that pictures of Pyrocynical were already leaked on Twitter and Google before he shared them.

The feud continued when Keemstar accused Pyrocynical of dating a minor girl and even being involved in other inappropriate activities.

Though Pyrocynical has uploaded many videos dissing Keemstar before, he posted a specific video, Keemstar Rant, in 2016, where he shared all the things Keemstar had done to hurt him, along with his horrible experience with Keemstar.

The video brought a lot of hatred toward Keemstar, and he even lost many of his subscribers.

Finally, Keemstar ended the feud by blocking Pyrocynical and keeping himself away from any more online dramas.

With this, the drama with Keemstar ended, but another drama was waiting for Pyrocynical.

In 2020, Pyrocynical got accused of grooming a fifteen-year-old minor when he was nineteen.

The Twitter user who goes by Ivory Rasums accused Pyrocynical of sending inappropriate materials and messages to him.

He also shared different screenshots of the messages and material on Twitter. He even shared TwitLonger with DM between him and Ida, the current girlfriend of Pyrocynical.

In the beginning, everyone backlashed at Pyrocynical, but later on, fans realized that they were fabricated screenshots. 

Fans even pointed out that in the shared pieces of evidence, Pyrocynical does not seem to have an idea that Rasums was a minor.

And Rasums’ hesitation in taking the matter to law enforcement made things more suspicious.

Because of all these, fans found Pyrocynical innocent and even discarded all the allegations against him.

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