Jacqueline Munyasya (Kid Cudi’s Babymama) | Bio, Daughter, Net Worth, & Partner

Jacqueline Munyasya is the former girlfriend of the renowned rapper-turned-actor, Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, who goes by Kid Cudi. The former couple dated for some time and even had a daughter together before parting ways.

Munyasya initially came into the spotlight because of their love life with Cudi and later for her messy court battle for child support and full custody of their daughter.

She fought in the court for a whole year, during which she even had to request a restraining order against Cudi from the court. The case settled with Munyasya having full custody and an amicable visitation deal with her former partner.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Jacqueline Munyasya was born in January 1980 in Chicago, Illinois. She is currently 44 years old.

NameJacqueline Munyasya
Full NameJacqueline M. Munyasya
Date of birthJanuary 10, 1980
Age44 years old
Place of birthUSA
Current cityChicago, Illinois, USA
FatherTitus Munyasya (78 years old)
MotherMargaret Munyasya (82 years old)
SiblingsJapheth Munyasya (46 years old)
StatusNot disclosed
Ex-partnerKid Cudi
DaughterVanda Wamwene Mescudi
Net worthUnknown
Height5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
Hair colorBrown
Eye ColorHazel

Jacqueline Munyasya’s Net Worth

There is no rigid information about the profession of Munyasya. However, she receives a good amount of money from Cudi in child support and lives in a well-furnished house in Chicago.

So, we can be sure that she has a decent income and net worth.

Jacqueline’s Parents and Family

Jacqueline Munyasya was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1980. Her mother’s name is Margaret Munyasya and her father’s name is Titus Munyasya. She has a brother named Japheth Munyasya who is DatetimeDifference startDate=”1977-07-21″ endDate=”now” format=”Y”] years old.

Details on Her Boyfriend and Relationship with Cudi

While keeping her personal life away from the media, Munyasya has maintained privacy even about her love life.

The only time news about her love life came out was when she was dating the renowned rapper and songwriter Kid Cudi.

Cudi dated Munyasya when he was in an on-and-off relationship with Jamie Barata, an entertainment lawyer.

Cudi and Munyasya’s Daughter and Custody Battle

While dating Cudi, Munyasya came into the limelight and even had a daughter in March 2010 with him. However, things turned sour, and the two parted ways.

After parting ways with Cudi, Munyasya again made headlines for their custody battle for her daughter.

During the custody battle, she appealed for full custody of her daughter as Cudi was not there for their daughter.

She also added that he didn’t even give enough money in child support and had a long history of alcohol and drug abuse.

The case went on for a year, between which the court even issued a restraining order for Munyasya against Cudi after he sent her more than 168 abusive and insulting texts within four days.

Munyasya finally won full custody of her daughter and agreed to allow Cudi to visit their daughter but on terms.

Despite not having custody, Cudi still has a great relationship with his daughter, Vanda Wamwene Mescudi, and has even named a space-themed Adidas sneaker Vadawam326 as a tribute to her.

He also has a house in Chicago, where Vanda lives with Munyasya, and often posts pictures with her on his Instagram.


Munyasya has yet to share details about her academic qualifications and the educational institutes she attended.


No information is out about her early career or recent career.

However, there are rumors that she works in the entertainment industry as an actress.

Since we haven’t heard much about her in the showbiz industry, it is safe to assume that she is still a struggling actress.

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