Who was FBG Duck? Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend, & More

FBG Duck was a rapper from Chicago who was killed during a shooting on August 4, 2020. He has given us a few hit songs including “Different personalities” and “Slide”. Let’s discover more about him.

Quick Bio

  • Known as:- FBG Duck
  • Real name:- Carlton D. Weekly
  • Date of birth:- 1993-12-06
  • Place of birth:- Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Date of death:- 2020-08-04 (26 years old)
  • Place of death:- Chicago, Illinois
  • Father:- Not disclosed
  • Mother:- LeeShenna White
  • Siblings:- One brother and one sister
  • Brother:- Jermaine Robinson ( FBG Brick )

                       :- LeAndrea White ( FBG Day )

  • Status:- Single
  • Children:- One daughter
  • Occupation:- Rapper, singer, recording artist
  • Net worth:- US $ 2.5M-3.6M
  • Nationality:- American
  • Ethnicity:- African-American
  • Religion:- Christianity
  • Zodiac:- Sagittarius
  • Height:- 6.4 ft (193 cm)
  • Weight:- 85kgs
  • Measurement- Chest:- 40 inches

                                   Waist:- 33 inches

                                   Biceps:- 15 inches

  • Hair color:- Black
  • Eye color:- Dark brown
  • Complexion:- Dark
  • Youtube:- Fbg Duck
  • Instagram id:- real_fbgduck063
  • Twitter:- FBG_DUCK

Family and Personal Life

Despite being one of the successful rappers, FBG Duck grew up in a shady neighborhood lying on the south side of Chicago. 

He spent his childhood with his siblings and cousins. Their grandmother raised all of them in her house. He mentions how he had at least 12 people living together and how much he loved it. 

He rarely talks about his family, but he did talk about his dad, who served 25 years of jail for being a false convict and had three lawyers. 

Because of being raised in the hood, Duck already was living within gangs and street violence. He was even a member of the Flyboy crew (FBG), also called the Clout boyz. The FBG was a part of the Tooka gang. This gang was a disciple gang of the St.Lawrence boys gang. 

Because of his involvement with the FBG, he got mixed with several other street gangs of Chicago. He even lost his brother and his cousin in a gang rivalry in 2017. They were shot dead. Though Duck was heartbroken, he consoled himself by stating that life goes on. Before this, his friend Tooka was also shot dead by an unknown person in 2011. 

He also had other friends who too were killed by other block members. He himself was shot twice but survived both times. Despite all this, Duck never left Chicago and still made a name for himself in the music industry. He owned a house in Chicago and used to drive a Toyota Camry car.

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FBG Duck Girlfriend, Daughter, and Relationships

Duck kept most of his private life away from the public eye and rarely talked about it. So, no one knew much about his relationship status or partners except that he had a daughter. He used to post pictures of his daughter on his Instagram. 

It was also out that his girlfriend stabbed him once. It left a scar on his whole stomach. Besides these, nothing much was disclosed about him.

FBG Duck’s Net Worth

Duck had a successful career, which helped him to make a good fortune. He had a net worth of US $ 2.5M- $ 3.6M. He had a sum of US $ 750 K- $ 1M as his annual income. All of his income came from his rap songs.

Career in Music Industry

FBG Duck used to love music from his early days. He started his journey in the music industry as early as his late teens. He used to write his raps and even make his music himself. 

His journey as a rapper started in 2015 with the song “Different personalities”. Later he even released a sequel to this in 2017 with the title “Different personalities 2”. 

During his five-year-long music journey, he released seven mixtapes, all of which used to reflect his lifestyle and had memories of his loved ones, whom he lost earlier in life. 

He also has released many singles and tracks featuring his crew members. 

He was well-known for his single “Slide”, which he released in 2018. This song had more than 53M views and had twenty-one successful remixes. 

During his career, he collaborated with other artists like ROOga, Billionaire Black, etc. 

He was even successful in signing a deal with Sony music. The signing amount is said to be a whopping amount of more than US $ 1.7M. 

He then released a whole number of songs which included “Strong”, “Ok” etc. His latest release was “Dead B”. 

Duck had a very successful career and was among various soulful artists. His raps were energetic as well as emotional. He also was connected to his fans through social media. He was very active on Instagram when he was alive. 

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FBG was a well-educated rapper. He did his schooling at a local school in Chicago and college from the University of Chicago.


Duck had feuds with many other artists, especially those who belonged to rival gangs of Chicago. He had bad blood with the Glory Boyz Entertainment (GBE), including its leader Chief Keef and used to diss them in his songs. The feeling was mutual even for Chief Keef as he used to diss Tooka gang in his songs. 

The other fellow Chicago artist with whom Duck had relations was Edai. He used to write songs to diss Edai. In response to this, Edai tweeted about the incident of Duck being stabbed. Duck didn’t take this lightly and threatened to hurt Edai if they ever met. Duck even had beef with late King Von.


Duck died on 4th August 2020 in Northwestern hospital of Chicago. He was shot by four unknown people while shopping. 

The four men came in a car and then started shooting at Duck. During this shooting, he was shot 15 times to his neck and chest. He tried to fight back, but his gun got jammed, and he fell to the ground. Help reached there and took him to the northwestern hospital, where he died a few hours after his surgery. 

Though no one got arrested for this incident, he is believed to be killed by his rival gangs. They killed him for mocking one of their dead gang member in his song. Just six months after he was shot dead, his friend BCR Meezle was also shot dead.

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