Debbie Higgins Mccall (Dr. Phil’s Ex-wife) Age, Net Worth, Bio, & Death

Debbie Higgins Mccall is the celebrity ex-spouse of Dr. Phil, originally Phil McGraw, an established American media personality. Debbie was well-known for her editorial works in “Christy Mathewson Day” in 2011 and “Demon Hunters: Fear the Silence” in 2013. She sadly passed away in 2014.

Debbie Higgins Mccall’s Age, Birthday, Wiki, Family, Education & Career

Debbie Higgins Mccall was born in 1950 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. She was born to a humble family where her father was a farmer while her mother was a housewife. Moreover, she was an American national belonging to a White ethnic group.

Talking about her childhood years, Debbie enjoyed playing volleyball, football, dancing, and singing as a teen. Regarding her education, Debbie had a degree in fashion technology. Higgins was the lead vocalist in the school band while in college. She was, in fact, a cheer squad at New York High School before enrolling at the Massachusetts Institute of Commerce, where she graduated.

Debbie Higgins had a short yet effective professional career as an editor. Her remarkable editorial works include “Christy Mathewson Day” in 2011 and “Demon Hunters: Fear the Silence” in 2013.

Debbie Higgins Mccall’s Net Worth

The exact net worth of Debbie Mccall is not known. However, her famous tv personality ex-husband Dr. Phil has a huge net worth of around $400 million. It is reported that he earns $80 million per year.

Debbie Higgins Mccall’s Personal life & Relationship with Dr. Phil

Debbie was Dr. Phil’s first wife. Debbie and Dr. Phil were both born and raised in Kansas City. Dr. Phil played football there for over ten years. 

The actual name of her ex-husband is Philip McGraw. They met while they were both 20 years old and began a relationship before marrying in the Roeland Park Southridge Presbyterian Church in 1970. 

Phil was known for being sweet and loving; however, this supposedly switched once the two got married. Phil is said to have expected his wife to keep her body in shape, so he instructed Debbie to begin lifting weights to maintain she looked fabulous. Phil was self-conscious regarding his wife’s appearance and was especially concerned about other people’s responses. 

Even so, the couple eventually separated only after three years of their marriage in 1973. As per Debbi’s interview, Dr. Phil was unfaithful to her. As per the media sources, Dr. Phil was dating Robin Jameson, whom he eventually married in 1976 and even had children with, long before the two settled their dissolution. 

On the other hand, Debbie never remarried, and there is no information about her child.

Speaking of Dr. Phil, he joined Gary Dobbs, a lawyer, as a co-founder of Courtroom Sciences Incorporated in 1989. Dr. Phil, on the other hand, retired from practice in 2006. Philip is now a well-known tv counselor who has amassed a wide following thanks to Oprah Winfrey and hosts a daytime program currently ranked as one of the most popular television shows. Dr. Phil has a doctorate in clinical psychology, which he puts to good use in his media work.

Debbie Higgins Mccall’s Death & Cause of Death

Unfortunately, Debbie passed in 2014, according to her brother Bill Higgins. It has already been 24 since her demise but still the reason is very little known. Besides that, it was probably due to an undisclosed form of cancer. That being said, vital information is always kept concealed.

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