Almondmilkhunni: A Rising Star from Philadelphia

Brandy Schwechler, who goes by Almondmilkhunni, is a talented young female musical artist from the culturally and musically rich city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was born in Moorestown but grew up in Philadelphia. It was her hometown and her father who motivated her to build a career in music.

Almondmilkhunni first came into the limelight after her debut single, Grapefruit, blew out the internet in 2019. She recorded the song three times due to various technical issues, but it was for the best as the song became a favorite among the fans and other artists.

Biography (Age, Real Name, Height, & Wiki)

Popular NameAlmondmilkhunni
Real NameBrandy Schwechler
Date of birthMarch 30, 1997
Age27 years old
Place of birthMoorestown, New Jersey, USA
HometownPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
FatherNot disclosed
MotherJennifer Schwechler
SiblingsNot disclosed
OccupationSinger and songwriter
Net worth500 Thousand USD
Height5 ft 2 in (168 cm)
Weight52 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Instagram idalmondmilkhunni
FacebookBrandy Schwechler

Almondmilkhunni Net Worth

The singer-songwriter has made around 500 thousand USD as her net worth.

Almondmilkhunni has earned immense fame in the industry.

And with fame, she has also earned a good fortune from her musical career.

Journey of Almondmilkhunni: Her Family, Hometown, Early Life, & More

Almondmilkhunni was born in Moorestown, New Jersey, her mother’s hometown.

However, after a few years, she moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with her family and spent her childhood and teenage years there.

Later she moved to New Jersey for her studies and then some other places for her career.

As a kid, Almondmilkhunni grew up in a strictly religious Christian household with a Dominican heritage from the side of her father.

She used to attend Church every Sunday with her parents and even went on mission trips.

She was not even allowed to date until she was eighteen, and rapping was a big No.

However, she developed an interest in music because of her musician father. 

At thirteen, she started singing in the church chorus and wrote songs and poems.

Though she had a thing for music, she did not think of making it a career.

It changed when she went to college.

While in college, she reconnected with her passion for music.

She then dropped out to make a career in music and never looked back.

Now, she is a successful artist and internet celebrity with thousands of followers rooting for her.

Almondmilkhunni’s Dating Life: Exploring Her Singlehood and Career

In 2019, people started speculating that the singer-songwriter was in a relationship with the vocalist of 5 Seconds of Summer, Calum Hood.

Almondmilkhunni added fuel to the rumors when she posted a video on TikTok where she was wearing a hoodie of Hood.

She even hinted that something was going on between them on multiple occasions.

However, the rumor ended when people figured Almondmilkhunni was only using Hood for some clout.

Currently, there is no information if she is dating someone, but if we follow her social media posts, she seems to be enjoying her single life and career.


The Liar singer attended a private school for her high school degree.

After high school, she enrolled at Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey, and studied political science and pre-law.

She chose to study political science and pre-law because the 2016 election was devastating for many, and she wanted to do some work to make better humanitarian laws in the future.

Though she started college with great determination, her heart shifted to music mid-way, and she dropped out.

She left college during the winter break of her second year and would resume her studies if her music career did not work out.

However, her career took off, and she never returned to college to finish her degree.

Almondmilkhunni’s Career: From Church Choirs to Hit Numbers

Almondmilkkhunni took her first step towards music by singing in the church choir at thirteen.

Growing up, her father introduced her to music, and she fell in love with music.

She then started writing songs and poems of her own. She also learned how to play piano and guitar by herself.

She got disconnected from music for some time after growing up but found her way back after enrolling in college.

In college, she studied political science and danced at a strip club to earn her tuition and living.

Her parents were not happy with her dancing in the strip club but came to terms with it after realizing the bigger picture.

Almondmilkkhunni used to dance twice a week and then spend her remaining free time creating music while still going to college.

Sometimes she even danced till late at night and attended a lecture with the remaining makeup at eight in the morning.

The singer juggled between work, study, and music when she took a leap of faith and dropped out of college to pursue her musical career in 2018.

She then released her debut song, Grapefruit, in 2019, which turned many heads in her direction.

Fellow singer Lil Yachty heard her song, followed her on Twitter, and reached out to her.

She gained popularity overnight and even landed a contract with Electric Feel Records.

She then picked the Twitter handle name as her stage name, as people on the internet knew her by that name. 

During one interview, when someone asked about her unique stage name, she shared how she used to add almond milk to her lattes during her time at Starbucks and thought it would be a funny Twitter handle name.

And to her disbelief, she and her funny name became famous overnight.

Almondmilkkhunni has come a long way, from working at Starbucks and strip clubs to making her music.

She has released several other hit numbers, such as Cherry, Henni Heartbreak, etc., over the years and has made a big fan base.

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