Simon Macauley Biography, Age, Photo, Son, & Net Worth

Simon Macauley is the ex-husband of an American actress, former figure skater, and fashion model – Kristian-Joy Alfonso. He was married to Kristian from 1987 to 1991.

Simon and Kristian had a son together whose name is Gino William. Gino was born in October 1990 and his parents got divorced a year after he was born. Now Kristian is married to Danny Daggenhurst whereas Simon has not married since then.

Simon Biography, Age, & Net Worth

Simon is an American businessman and real estate development executive. He is known for being the ex-husband of actress Kristian Alfonso and the father to one of her kids.

There is no information about his net worth. His ex-wife Kristian net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Simon Macauley & Kristian Alfonso Marriage, Divorce & Affairs

Simon Macauley and Kristian Alfonso got married in 1987. At that time, Simon was 23 years old and Kristian was also 23. They got married in South Church. Three years later, their son Gino was born, but they started having problems in their relationship and they got divorced in 1991, four years after their wedding.

Gino now lives with Kristian Alfonso and has a sibling Jack Daggenhurst born from his mother and her present husband Danny Daggenhurst (m. 2001). Simon regularly visits his child so that he does not feel his absence.

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