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Sharmeleon, who also goes by her other YouTube channel name Sharla in Japan, is a Canadian Youtuber, Sharla Katalin Hinskens, who lives in Japan and shares different aspects of Japan through her YouTube vlogs. 

Sharmeleon traveled to Japan for the first time as an exchange student and worked as an English teacher. 

While staying in Japan, she fell in love with the country. She has traveled back and forth to Japan and still finds it as the place where she belongs. 

The YouTuber pours her affection for Japanese cuisines, cultures, and sites through her vlogs. She also has worked in a partnership with the local Japanese government and organization to promote local features of the country.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Popular NameSharmeleon,
Sharla in Japan
Real NameSharla Katalin Hinskens
Date of birthApril 23, 1986
Age38 years old
Place of birthVictoria, British Columbia, Canada
HometownVictoria, British Columbia, Canada
Current ResidenceSendai, Japan
FatherNot disclosed
MotherNot disclosed
SiblingsNot disclosed
StatusIn a relationship
PartnerChris Broad
Ex-spouseNot disclosed
OccupationYouTuber and Social media influencer
Net worthUnknown
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorGrey
Instagram idheyitssharla
YouTubeSharmeleon and
Sharla in Japan

Sharmeleon’s Net Worth

Sharmeleon has been posting vlogs on her YouTube channels since 2011.

Both of her YouTube channels have more than 500 thousand subscribers, which helps her to make a fortune.

Besides her YouTube channel, she also has various endorsements, translation works, and collaborations, which add more money to her name.

She has also founded the Neko Neko Post with her friends, through which they sell premium Japanese stationeries to people worldwide.

So, though we don’t know the exact figure of her net worth, it is still a no-brainer that she earns well and has a decent net worth.

Personal Life and Family

Sharmeleon has decided to keep the identities of her family a secret for privacy concerns.

Because of this, no one, not even her followers, knows anything about her family or upbringing.

However, she has shared that she has a mixed line in her heritage. Her grandparents have Dutch heritage, while one of her grandfathers has Hungarian heritage.

She also shared that she was born and raised in Victoria, Canada, in a vegan family. Though she used to eat meats sometimes while visiting her grandparents, other times she used to have vegan food.

Later, when she moved to Japan at seventeen as an exchange student in the exchange program between the sister cities Morioka and Victoria, she changed her diet to pescatarian and started adding seafood to her vegan diet.

She had learned Japanese in high school when they had options to choose any third language out of Russian, Japanese, and Spanish.

She wanted something she wasn’t familiar with and chose Japanese, which became one of many reasons she ended up in Japan.

She has been living in Japan for many years, but initially, she returned to Canada after spending a few years in Japan.

However, she flew back to Japan after the Tōhoku earthquake as she missed her friends there and found her time in Canada stressful.

It was only after returning to Japan that she started vlogging about her life in Japan, and the rest is history.

Is Sharmeleon Married? Details on Her Husband and Relationship

The famous YouTuber was previously married to her Korean husband, whose name is yet to disclose.

She had dated her former husband, a graduate of a Japanese university, for seven years before tying the knot on 2018 June 18.

Her former husband, whom she often referred to as Keyboard san in her videos, was originally from Seoul.

So, after marriage, she moved to Seoul with her then-husband.

Everything was going fine for a while, and she even made many vlogs in Korea. 

But, things turned sour after some time, and Sharmeleon decided to separate from him. What started as a separation soon turned into a divorce.

The two finalized their divorce on 2019 March 5 in less than one year of marriage and returned to Japan.

After divorcing her former husband, Sharmeleon started dating Chris Broad, an English filmmaker, YouTuber, and podcast host, who goes by the name Abroad in Japan.

The two came together because of their love for Japan.

Like Sharmeleon, Broad, who moved to Japan as an assistant language teacher, also makes vlogs highlighting the beautiful Japanese culture.

The two often upload similar content on their channels and have even collaborated on Journey Across Japan.

The two publicly announced their relationship just this August through their YouTube channels and are currently enjoying their time together in the beauty of Japan.


Sharmeleon has not talked much about which high school she attended in Canada.

She has also not mentioned the college she joined after flying to Morioka, Japan.

However, she has shared somewhere that after moving to Japan, she left to study for a while but later went back to college and graduated with a degree in marketing and tourism.


Sharmeleon initially started her career in Japan as an English teacher.

She taught for a while before returning to Canada in 2010.

She only started her career on YouTube in 2011 when she returned to Tokyo after the devastating earthquake.

She started uploading vlogs of her daily life in Japan and the beautiful culture around here.

Her vlogs were just a means of entertainment, but they became popular within the YouTube community.

Soon she began uploading vlogs on her two YouTube channels regularly. She even continued it after moving to Korea with her former husband.

After returning to Japan, she continued uploading more and more vlogs on the Japanese sites, cuisines, and cultures on her channel.

Sharmeleon also worked as a translator and dialog coach assistant on the side.

She worked in movies like Tera Formas, where she aided in English subtitles.

Besides these, she also worked closely with the Japanese government and local organizations to promote Japan.

It has already been over a decade since Sharmeleon has been active on YouTube. However, she still visits different places in Japan and has even collaborated with her current partner to generate more content.


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