Marcia Murphey's Net Worth, Age, Early Life, Career, And Relationship Status

Marcia Murphey’s Net Worth, Age, Early Life, Career, And Relationship Status

Marcia Murphey is the second wife of the famous American Singer and Songwriter Neil Diamond. However, they are divorced and not together right now.

Marcia gained her fame and popularity due to her marriage with Neil but she was renowned as an American TV producer before that marriage. Her ex-husband is one of the top celebs who has sold over 100 million records till now.

Neil later revealed that his hit song “Sweet Caroline” was dedicated to Marcie Murphey.

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Quick Facts About Marcia Murphey

Full NameMarcia Murphey
Date of BirthN/A
SpouseNeil Diamond (ex-husband)
ChildrenJesse Diamond and Micah Diamond
Birth PlaceThe United States of America
CareerAmerican TV Producer
Height5 feet 5 inches
Net WorthN/A

Marcia Murphey’s Age, Early Life, and Educational Background

The only detail of Marcia’s early life is that she was born and brought up in the United States. Information about her exact date of birth has not been revealed to the media. Likewise, her age is unknown too. She is a pretty private person who is not seen sharing her personal details with the public as well as the media. 

Marcia has not disclosed any information concerning her family and upbringing nor her siblings and childhood days. 

Marcia Murphey’s Relationship Status

Marcia Murphy’s current relationship status is not available. However, people know her globally as the famous singer Neil Diamond’s second wife (ex). Marcia and Neil got married in December 1969. Before Marcia, Neil was married to Jayne Posner but eventually, things did not work out between them so they decided to get divorced. They separated their paths apart in 1967.

After two years of separation from his first wife, Neil and Marcia met and decided to get married. The couple has two children together namely Jessie Diamond who was born in 1970 and Micah Diamond who was born in 1978. It is rumored that the couple along with their children lived in their Malibu Beach home together happily. 

But after almost twenty years of togetherness, in 1994, their marriage came to an end due to uncertain circumstances. 

Marcia and Neil have a grandchild from their first child Jesse. Their grandchild’s name is Elijah and he is loved and pampered by everyone, especially his grandfather Neil.

Neil is now married to Katie McNeil who is 29 years younger than the singer.


According to some sources, it is rumored that before meeting and marrying Neil Diamond, Marcia used to work as a production assistant. Though, not much information is available about this topic on the internet.

However, She currently works as a volunteer in the American Civil Liberties Union.

Marcia Murphey’s Net Worth and Divorce Settlements

The exact estimated net worth of Marcia Murphey is not revealed to the public and the media but after she got separated from the worldwide famous singer Neil Diamond, she got a whopping amount of wealth as their divorce settlements. It is said that she received almost half of her husband’s property and wealth. Numerically, it was around 150 million US Dollars.

The amount that she received during their divorce is stated as one of the most expensive alimony and one of the largest millionaire divorces in history. As per the news and sources, Neil Diamond happily granted the sum to her ex-wife, wishing her all the happiness and success. 

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Her Social Media Life

Marcia is not quite active on any social media platforms. She does not have a Facebook account, neither an Instagram account, nor a Twitter account. It is one of the reasons why it is hard to keep updated about her personal and professional life.

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